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Today would have been a great day to do a lot of housework - it was really cool all day.  Hopefully it will remain so and I can get some stuff done my next two days off.  Well, now that I remember, Friday will be a lost day.  Right after work, at 0800, I have to go do a Service Excellence class, until noon.  Who knows what they have planned.  Everyone in the hospital has to attend these; it's ways to provide better service to our customers.  Yes, they're customers, not patients.  Then I have to run home and snag some sleep, then go over to Fariba's that night.

I haven't been over since her birthday in February, partly because her in-laws are still there.  Poor Fariba.  I figure she has enough to put up with without working even more for "guests."  I talked to Tina on the phone and I asked her if she wanted to go to the Fair with me again this year, she said yes. 

So that leaves Saturday to do stuff.  Part of my problem is I'm a considerate neighbor.  I won't do stuff at night that would cause noise.  I don't have a neighbor downstairs right now, but sound carries at night.  I was going to wash dishes, but no matter how quiet you are, there's always noise associated with it.  And of course I can't even think of vacuuming at night, or cleaning the bathroom, etc.  These apts are built pretty good, but at 0200 in the morning it's easy to hear water running and other sounds.  Another plus for having your own home, which I'm considering.  Besides, (now I get to brag!) I'll make a lot of money this year and Uncle Sam is going to get a lot of it in taxes as I have no deductions.  Took me long enough, but I've been thinking it's time to buy a house, maybe next year.
6/4/03  Wed  (0111):   Hey, it's my Uncle Charlie's birthday today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE! Tomorrow is Tina's Birthday (Fariba's daughter) and she'll be 9 years old.  Since I didn't make it to her school thing a couple of weeks ago I still have the little scrapbook I made for her all wrapped up; looks like that's what she'll get for her birthday :)

Today is National Tailors Day, go have something altered!  King George III was born on this day in 1738.  Name sound familiar, well......he was the King taxing the American colonies to death.  You can read about him

Word of the Day:  betwixt \bih-TWIKST\ adverb or preposition.  1: between.

My horoscope:  'Good day to make Mexican food. Just don't drink the water.'
6/6/03  Fri  (0900):   Today is my cousin Kurt's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY KURT!

Ooohhhh, today is Donut Day, mmmmm.  It's also D-Day, the invasion of Normandy.  You can read about it

Word of the Day;  vermicular \ver-MIH-kyuh-ler\ adjective.  1a: resembling a worm in form or motion. b: vermiculate  2: of, relating to, or caused by worms.

My horoscope:  'At the same moment you read this someone will be thinking about you and smiling. In a moment, they'll be laughing outright.'

I worked on 4East the past two nights.  Wednesday night was pretty good, started with 3 pts then got an admit just after midnight.  There was a registry RN working with Darell and me and it was her first time at the hospital, so I was helping her with some of her pts and helping her with the paperwork.  My same four pts were there last night, but I had to give one of them up.  Jun and I had a registry LVN and one of the pts had blood going, needed albumin thru the IV and was on a dobutamine drip (an attempt to get his blood pressure up; the systolic was running in the 80's & 90's).  I took that one.

Turns out I gave up the right one as she was transferred to the Pavilion and then the LVN got an admit.  Of course I had to help with that and make sure things were done, plus cover another one of her pts.  Jun was busy, he had a pt that had to be checked every hour as he had almost continuous BM's.  Apparently he complained about Darell to the doctor yesterday.  Said he'd called to have his bed changed and it wasn't done.  So the daughter was mad & the doctor wrote an order for him to be checked every hour.

As Darell is an experienced & good nurse I didn't pay much attention to what he was doing, he knows what he's doing.  But I do know the pt was cleaned up & changed periodically.  I even helped one time.  I can only think the pt thought of calling, then dozed off and thought he'd called and no one answered.

I went in to see my pt, that was in the same room as the one I gave up, and I heard her tell her family "oh good, Barbara's here."  I explained that I wouldn't be her nurse for the night (didn't know at that time she was to be transferred); she and her family frowned and said "oh no."  It was nice to be missed :)

Danielle (LVN) told me my pt in the same room, whom she helped to the bathroom, told her I was "so nice and sweet" and I made her feel right at home when she came in the previous night.  That's always nice to hear.  Then another one was talking about seeing me tonight, I told her I was off and wouldn't be back.  She said, "well I'll just have to go home then!"  It's always nice to hear all the good stuff, but I sometimes wish they'd write a note saying these things.  They go in my personnel file and come review time they're bonus points!

I had scheduled myself to go to a Service Excellence class this morning right after work (for 4 hrs) but wasn't feeling too good yesterday.  All day I felt I wanted to throw up, nothing else felt wrong, just that.  Luckily you can sign up for these classes using the Hospital's intranet so I cancelled it and rescheduled it for later in June.

Guess I should get off the computer and take a nap, I'm supposed to go over to Fariba's tonight and I really shouldn't cancel.  Besides, need to give Tina her present.
6/7/03  Sat  (0322):   Today is Chocolate Ice Cream Day; Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is my favorite.  Tomorrow is Best Friends Day, everyone needs at least one best friend.  Monday is Donald Duck's Birthday and Tuesday is National Taco Day - go crunch a few!

Word of the Day:  flivver \FLIH-ver\ noun.  1: a small cheap usually old automobile.

My horoscope:  'Something will start to bother you and you will eventually have to ask someone to explain it. The thing is, some birds have very acute hearing - so WHERE ARE THEIR EARS??'

Took a nap Friday and luckily Rachael called just before 1700; otherwise, I might have slept too long.  She was wanting to go to dinner at Mi Fiesta, darn, would have liked to have gone.  But I was expected over at Fariba's for Tina's birthday party.  I was just gonna throw some clothes on & go, then decided to go ahead and get spruced up with the hair down, make-up and contacts in.  I'm glad I did.  A lot of the family (mostly Nasser's side) was there and they always dress up. 

There was a LOT of food and as usual it was great.  Plain rice.  Rice with lima beans & dill with chicken on the side; an eggplant dish, which I passed on :)   Lasagna, for the kids; a yummy chicken dish that had a great sauce.  Found out it was made with walnuts & pomegranate juice, who'd a thunk it!  Green salad with a home-made dressing; potato salad which is unlike any you've had - she puts chicken in it and other stuff and it tastes great.  A lot of very tasty food!  The cake had a strawberry filling and there was strawberry ice cream and also flan with bananas around it, which Tina made. Oh, and I was wrong previously - Tina is actually 10 years old now.

As usual, afterwards her husband's side of the family didn't do a thing, just sat in the living room.  It was me, Paula, and another friend of Fariba's gathering stuff up.  The other friend, I can't remember her name, I met almost two years ago at her "rug" shop.  She and her husband have a business in La Jolla which sells Persian, Oriental, and other types of high-end carpets.  There was one that I really liked, a smaller one made out of silk with lavender and purple tints. It was only $3,000!  They have some gorgeous rugs in their place.  If I ever won the lottery I'd definitly go on a shopping spree there!

I took some pictures, not a lot as I didn't care to have any of most of the people.  You can see them starting at the bottom of page
14 of the "Friends" page.  Tina really liked the scrapbook album I gave her.  I had some pages left over so I added some pictures I had which included her grandfather (Fariba's Dad) and Fariba was really happy to see those.

Her father-in-law finally went home so now she's just stuck with her mother-in-law and brother-in-law.  She's hoping they'll be leaving soon too :)   They've only been there for

My next work schedule is great, they didn't change any of my days so the next 4-week period will be a better schedule.  It even allows time for an extra day or two if I want to do it.  Also, they didn't change me working the 3rd & 4th of July.  That's a major holiday and since I'll end up working 12 hours on the 4th I'll get time & a half for that without having to come in an extra day!
6/8/03  Sun  (0159):   Today is Upsy Daisy Day.  Sorry, can't explain why!  Oh, I just noticed something, we have a Friday the 13th in this week so this is your advance warning to take care!

Word of the Day:  jettison \JEH-tuh-sun\ verb.  1: to throw (goods) overboard to lighten a ship or aircraft in distress.  2:  discard.

My Horoscope:  'So. You let your "mole plants" die. Now the moles are back and this time they mean business. No more Mr. Nice Mole. Try burying a line of eucalyptus cough drops along your property line. If that doesn't work, there's a chance you can buy a nuclear warhead from Ukraine.'

I had things to do today, didn't get most of them done - I was tired!!  Kathi still hasn't had her baby, got an e-mail from Rachael saying they might induce her on the 11th.  If she has it that day I can go over and see her and the baby.  Rachael wanted to go to Mi Fiesta on Monday, but as I'm working 3 in a row will need to sleep.  I told her in the next 2 weeks the only day availble is the 18th; for someone who doesn't have much to do my schedule is pretty full the next two weeks.

I told her Fariba, Tina, and I are going to the Del Mar Fair (it's been changed to the San Diego County Fair but it will always be the Del Mar Fair to anyone who's been around here for a while, just as Coast Highway will always be Hill Street to people who have lived here for a long time!) on the 19th and asked her if she & Jordan could come with us.  I thought that would be fun.  Unfortunately she's working that night so can't.  Maybe it's just as well.  I like to look at all the exhibits, the vendors, photography exhibit, quilting, baking, etc.  I know Tina and Fariba won't mind wandering around all the sites, but Jordan would probably get too tired & bored.

I came out of the store a couple of days ago and there was an old, gold Cadillac convertible parked out front.  Boy did
that bring back memories!  One of my friends in high school had one and we'd hang out in it during lunch.  It was soooo huge we could get a lot of people in it.  (Mom, close your eyes!)  We'd be kicking back in it with the top down, yacking and smoking our cigarettes.  Yeah, smoking cigarettes in the high school parking lot!
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