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I checked the monitors and it said my flight was leaving from gate 33, but I just got my boarding pass & it said gate 34.  I went to gate 33 and asked if I should be at gate 33 or gate 34, the lady said gate 34.  They have some nice, old-fashioned wooden rocking chairs so I plopped myself down in one and read a book to kill time.  It kept getting closer & closer to the time I should be boarding but gate 34 didn't have the info up.  I finally went over & asked; turns out I should have been at gate 33, they had a "broken" plane at 34.  I marched down to 33 and it's the same lady who told me I should go to 34.  The plane isn't there yet and it's 1100, I'm supposed to leave at 1110. 

This was a smaller plane so the carry-ons couldn't be carried on, they went in the back of the plane.  It was America West Express.  Smaller plane but way more seat & leg room than the bigger planes they have.  It was okay, but I don't think I'll do that again.  Since it's smaller turbulence affects it more.  Also, after landing in Phoenix I walked down the steps of the plane to the tarmac and across to the building. 

Thanks goodness for cell phones, it was just about the time I should have been leaving and the plane just got there, people hadn't even gotten off.  Called M&D & told them not to leave at the time planned, wasn't even on the plane and now I had to go to baggage claim once I reached Phoenix & wait for my carry-on to arrive.  It worked out great, I think I was outside only about 10 minutes before they got there.

We stopped at a chinese buffet for eats and they had some pretty tasty stuff.  We went to a different place than the one we went to in August, and I've noticed other chinese buffet places; seems to be the thing in that part of the country.  Too bad we don't have places like that here.  The only one I'd ever been too had very few items and they weren't that great.  I can't think of any others in the area.
6/22/03  Sun  (1705):   Today is my Dad's Birthday - Happy Birthday Dad!!!   Oh boy, today is National Chocolate Éclair Day!

Word of the Day:  eleemosynary \eh-lih-MAH-sun-air-ee\ adjective.  1: of, relating to, or supported by charity. (it's synonym is charitable)

My horoscope:  'Nothing especially remarkable will happen today. You will get a strange urge to talk like Ziggy Marley, but it will pass.'   Yah mon!

I have had a
frustrating few days!  When I tried to get on-line on Wed I couldn't.  Took a phone call and some tweaking to get connected.  Problem solved, right??  Wrong!  When I attempted to connect again Friday it wouldn't.  Spent about an hour on the phone trying to get it to work, the DSL just wouldn't work.  I do have dial-up access, but I only get 20 hours free a month with my DSL subscription, after that I have to pay for it.  I'm already paying for DSL, I'm not going to pay extra to use the internet at a snail's pace!  They guy today took about 40 minutes, we tried everything, again, that was tried before, then he finally had me connect a different way, having to click on a new icon on the desktop.  We'll see if it works the next time I try to connect.

Anyway, back to Arizona.  Friday we went down to the Volkswagon dealership so Dad could pick up his new car, it was finally in, all the way from Germany.  He got a Jetta Station wagon TDL - diesel.  It's pretty cool-looking.  I'll have a link on the main page, the pictures are loaded on the webpage, I just haven't placed them on an accessible page yet.

That took up a little time and after that Mom and I went by CostCo, you know, my favorite place to shop!  Sunday Dad and I went over to Jerry & Debbie's, their daughter Mindy was there.  Also met TidBit, the Jack Russell Terrier Debbie won in a raffle - she is soooo cute (I mean TidBit, although Debbie is cute too!).  Came home and gave Dad his Father's Day present, and his birthday present since I wouldn't be there.  Then we put him to work and he barbequed some yummy ribs.  Mom made her fabulous potato salad and some great baked beans.  My mouth is watering just thinking about all the yummy eats! (click
here for 'Definition of Barbeque")

Monday Mom and I ran around some more and I dragged her to the movies to see Chicago, it was only the 4th time I'd seen it!  Now I can't wait for the DVD to come out to check out deleted scenes and the other stuff they put on them.  On Tuesday Dad got up and made breakfast for us, some of his very tasty sourdough pancakes.  Then it was off to the airport.  I checked and there was a 1st class seat available so I paid an extra $50 to ride home in comfort!  I set off the metal detector again.  Oh, in Phoenix
everyone has to take their shoes off so they can be xray'd; so if you leave from Phoenix wear slip-ons or flip-flops!  Once again I was herded into a waiting area, this time the wand was used on me.  Of course I wasn't hiding any dangerous weapons!  On the long moving walkway to the gate I was talking to a couple of guys, they were saying SeaTac (Seattle/Tacoma, Wash.) had much stricter security.  I was telling them it was the 2nd time I'd been pulled to the side, patted down in SD & wanded here.  Of course it was because I fit the profile of a terrorist.  They laughed then said it was because I didn't fit the profile.

It was nice to get back to the cool of San Diego!  It was about 100 degrees when I left Phoenix and it was 68 in San Diego.  Since I didn't have to check my carry-on this time I had Terry pick me up about 1500, only had to wait about 15 mins and then it was a quick trip home.  Walked in the door, picked up the phone and called the Vet's to tell them I was on my way to "rescue my kids!"  They were glad to get home, but once again Vladimir barely survived once I got him home!  The last time they were boarded (Road Trip) when I brought them home he meowed for 2-3 days, loudly!  All day, all night!  I finally closed the bathroom door so he couldn't yowl in there in the middle of the night!  Don't know why he does it, he has food, water, catbox, attention, etc.  Maybe he's just expressing his displeasure of being locked away; who knows what goes on in that peabrain of his!

Thursday Fariba, Tina, and I went to the DelMar Fair.  It was a great day to go, the overcast sky remained and it was cool, cool enough to see some people wandering around with jackets on.  It was nice not to get all hot & sweaty & dirty!  I'll have some pictures up shortly, the link will be on the main page.

Friday I had to go to a Service Excellence class from 1600-2000; once again I didn't have the right mindset, I resented having to go in on a day off and be told how to be nice to our customers and other employees - I already do that!.  Saturday ran a couple of errands, stopped by CostCo to get Vladimir's prescription and while I was there strolled around to sample the freebie snacks.  Oh, picked up the new Harry Potter book and had it finished today. 

Vacation is over, have to go back to work tomorrow night, but the next three weeks are a great schedule.  I work Mon, have Tues off (planned it that way to get back into the swing of things after being off); then work 1, have 2 off and then it's my favorite run of 2on/3 off.  I even get to work the 3rd & 4th, which means I'll have 12 hours of holiday pay, and since it's a major holiday it will be time & a half
6/23/03  Mon  (1004):   Today is Let It Go Day, so whatever you've been hanging onto, anger, junk, etc., just let it go!

Bob Fosse was born this day in 1927.  Don't know who he was??  That means you haven't watched any musicals or dance movies over the years.  In 1972 he became the only director to win an Academy Award (Cabaret), a Tony Award (Pippin), and an Emmy Award (“Liza with a Z”) in the same year.

Word of the Day:  bloviate \BLOH-vee-ayt\ verb.  1: to speak or write verbosely and windily.  (wonder if this is where the term "blowhard" came from?)

My horoscope:  'Beware of galoots today.'

Well, it worked, eventually.  I turned on the computer, waited for the light on the modem to stop blinking (the sync light) and it didn't.  So I unplugged its powercord, waited a little bit then plugged it back in.  The light did its usual & normal blinking but then became steady.  I clicked on the WinPoET icon on the desktop, put in my name & password & ta-da!  I hesitated to turn it on, I don't like to get on the computer when I have to work that night as I can send
hours playing around, especially now that I can zooooooom around the internet.

I was sitting in the recliner and thought I heard swishing noises when the cars went by (the sound funnels down between the buildings from the street).  Turns out it sprinkled enough to wet the sidewalks & street.  Too bad it doesn't rain more, we could use it.  I think our nice cool weather will be leaving soon.  Darn. 

I have some pictures of my trip up on the main page, click on the cactus and pictures of DelMar, click on the rollercoaster.
6/24/03  Tues  (2257):   Today is Celebration Of The Senses; admire something (or someone!) beautiful, savor that last mouthful, pet the cat, turn up the radio, oh, just stop & smell the roses!  Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, you can read about it here.  After reading that page I clicked on another and discovered Pliny the Younger's account of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, pretty interesting.  Read it here.

Word of the Day:  abject \AB-jekt\ adjective .  1: sunk to or existing in a low state or condition; 2 a: cast down in spirit: servile, spiritless; b: showing utter hopelessness or resignation; 3: expressing or offered in a humble and often ingratiating spirit.

My horoscope:  'Remember that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Normally that's not a big deal but since your accounting department just changed its name to "The Mongol Horde", you might take notice.'

I worked on 2West last night and it was horrible!  I started with 3 patients, 2 on ventilators and one a post-op heart surgery.  Since I had the two vents we decided I'd only have 3 pts.  But then the Dr. transfered my CABG pt up to the 4th floor, which left me open for an admit.  I ended up getting 2!  I was running constantly.  Both the vent pts were on tube feedings, IV fluids, one was getting blood.  One of my admits was confused, yelling & screaming; the other was having respiratory problems.  I never even had time to eat anything, barely had time to make it to the bathroom a couple of times!  Kelly was a great help; I didn't finish all my paperwork & stuff until 0815 and would have been there longer if Kelly hadn't helped.

I knew I was meeting Kathi & Rachael today at 1600 at Mi Fiesta so I came home and kind of collapsed, set the alarm just in case & fell asleep.  I woke up about 1440 and turned the alarm off (I'd had it set for 1500), then promptly fell back asleep!  Luckily I woke up at 1540.  I called Rachael and said I'd be a little late, I was going to throw some water on my face & throw some clothes on and I'd be there.  Jackie came too and Kathi came a little later, after her baby's appt at the doctors, time for some immunizations.  Kendra is soooo cute, I have some pictures of her up, I changed the button for Kathi's baby shower to Kathi's baby and they're there. 

While I was there my phone rang telling me I had some messages, checked them and turns out Helen (my friend in Boston) had called me yesterday morning around 0500 and again around 1700.  In the 2nd message she told me her Dad had died Saturday.  It's always hard to lose someone, but he went the best way, in his sleep.  Luckily her Mom won't be in the house alone, Johnny lives downstairs.  I sent her Mom some flowers & some to Helen too, should be delivered tomorrow.

I forgot to mention, Fariba is pregnant.  They'd been trying & when they finally decided to give up & not have another baby it happened, of course.  Life goes on.
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