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My horoscope:  'Remember: it usually helps convince everyone you are right if you jump up and down and yell.;

Not much to report.  Finished a book today and started another, just about finished it.  Watched TV.  Took pictures of the cats.  Surfed the net.  That's about it!  Oh, also went to the grocery store as I was craving a chef's salad with the yummy Russian dressing that Honey taught me to make - it's very easy and very tasty, but not for you if you're on a diet!  Just mix mayonnaise and chili sauce together until it's kind of a pink color, then mix them to taste.  Once you think you have it how you want, chop up a couple of hard-boiled eggs in it and there you go!  Be careful, doesn't take much of either to change the taste or consistency.  Don't I lead an exciting life!!!

I did discover something nice during my surfing.  Tine, who lives in Hasselt, Belgium (you may have noticed she checks in via my guestbook periodically) listed me on her blog site under "Go Read These!"  She not only has that one but a home page and some other pages.  You can check her out
here.  If that doesn't work, try this one, the link to her blog page is towards the bottom, on the right.  And from her page I've added something new to my main page - Fotolog.  Just check it out, it's self-explanatory.  Guess that means I'll have to get out & take pictures of stuff!
7/3/03  Thurs  (0154):   I think the person who mails out the "holiday" list must be on vacation; I still don't have an updated one so no celebrating again today!  On this day in 1775 George Washington took command of the Continental Army at Cambridge, Mass.  I didn't know this.  How many times have I been to the Boston area!  Maybe if I'd completed the Freedom Trail I would have discovered it on the way thru Cambridge.  The thing I like to see in that area is the USS Constitution, Old Ironsides.  One of these days I'd like to be there on the 4th of July as that's when they do a turn-around cruise.  Every year they tow it out on the river and turn it around so the hull gets even wear in the water when it's tied up at the pier.  You can also enter a lottery to ride on it as they're doing it, that would be great!

The sailors wear the official uniform of the Navy in the 1800's, can't remember the exact year but I think it's 1812.  Maybe I'll pull out some of those photos & use my digital to get them uploaded to the webpage.  I really enjoy going there, maybe I can make it next summer, we'll see.

Word of the Day:  viand \VYE-und\ noun.  1:  an item of food; especially : a choice or tasty dish. 2 plural : provisions, food.  "Viand" entered English in the 15th century from Anglo-French ("viande" means "meat" even in modern French), and it derives ultimately from the Latin "vivere," meaning "to live." "Vivere" is the ancestor of a umber of other lively and life-giving words in English, including "victual," "revive," "survive," "convivial," and "vivacious."

My horoscope:  'Good time to get involved in the Fiber Arts. Why not see what you can do with Metamucil?'

Another exciting day!  Finished another book so that means I had to start
another one.  Didn't get my hair cut, didn't do the laundry, didn't vacuum.  Unfortunately that means I have to make sure I'm ready to go with the laundry when it opens at 0700 as I have to work the next two nights.  They used to leave it open 24 hours, which worked great for me, not that I did it in the middle of the night, but I'd usually be in there around 0530/0600 and be done before anyone else showed up.  One of these days I'll have an apt with a washer/dryer in it! 

Hot weather, at least hot for me (sorry Mom).  Ocean is warming up.  They spotted some sharks off the coast of SD and the news teaser was that it was a great white - not!  What a cheap way to get people to watch your news.

Bureaucracy at work again - I got a notice from DMV stating as my license has been renewed by mail the past 2 times I now had to go in person to get it renewed.  Hmmmmm, last time I had to go to DMV as I never got the renewal notice.  So now I have to take my time, sit around & wait for them to call me, take their eye test, have my thumbprint taken (again) and probably get another picture.  The last one wasn't too bad, you know how driver's license pictures can be.  I think I'll get my hair cut Sat or Sun so maybe I'll go Monday.
7/5/03  Sat  (2337):   Today in 1946 a skimpy swimsuit was first revealed at a Paris fashion show by designer Louis Reard - it was called the bikini, named after the Bikini Atoll where they did testing of nuclear bombs.  Read a little bit about it at this website.  Use the navigation bar on the left. 

Word of the Day:  fugacious \fyoo-GAY-shuss\ adjective.  1: lasting a short time : evanescent.  "Fugacious" derives from the Latin verb "fugere," which means "to flee." Other descendants of "fugere" include "fugitive," "refuge," and "subterfuge."

My horoscope:  'This will be a very musical day for you today. Next time, try to remember the Beano!'

So, what did
you do for the 4th of July?  I worked, on 2West - again!  It was Dale, Jess, and I both nights; at least I was working with people who knew what they were doing.  It's Jess's last time working there as an LVN, she got her interim permit and will be starting orientation next week as an RN.  I'm glad she's finally doing it, but now I won't be working with an LVN that I really trust to do everything right. 

As usual it was busy, I had one vent pt, one that I've had before and she's doing pretty well so it was no problem.  I was covering IV's for Jess and that's what kept me busy.  Between the 2 pts I had something to do every 2 hours, and sometimes sooner!

Last night was the interesting night - I took care of a princess!  I usually leave out identifying info on my pts but I have her permission to talk about her.  Her mother was a princess of Austria (the Hapsburgs) and her father was a Polish Count.  Then Hitler came along.  She was actually face to face with Hitler, he was fascinated by her long, platinum blonde hair, fair skin, etc.  Then the SS went to work on her, beating her.  They broke her fingers, knocked out her teeth, shaved her head & sent her to a concentration camp.  She lost every family member she had.  She's written a book and it's at the publisher's right now.  I left my paper at work but I think the title is Lisetta, I'll check when I get back to work & let you know.  She is a very interesting lady and I wish I could have talked with her more, but she was tired.  Imagine what kind of life she would have had if there'd never been a Hitler. 

She commented on my hair, she thought it was beautiful.  I told her I'd decided to cut it all off, she look horrified & said, "no, no, do not do it."  She said a woman's hair is her crown.  In the concentration camps they would keep the women's heads shaved as one more way to humiliate them.  And there are people who believe all these things never happened.

It seemed to be much cooler today, the past two days were really warm and it makes getting ready for work a pain!  Then at work it was really warm on our side, the vents don't help either.  We finally dug up a fan and at least got some air stirring around.  Since it was the 4th of July we had our own picnic, we ordered Pizza and chicken strips and chowed down. 

I almost got the night off.  When I left Friday morning Charlene asked me if I wanted to be flexed off, at that point they were two nurses over and 4west/3east were still closed.  Once again I wasn't lucky.  Oh well, I'll get the whole 12 hours now at time & a half and Jess was happy to see me, she wanted me to come back.  We were talking about travel nursing and there are some companies that will place friends together, at work and as roommates.  I told her we should take a travel assignment in the Boston area.  I think it would be fun, she agreed.

Did I tell you Terry passed the LVN boards?  She's now an LVN.  I told her to come work with us.  I guess the hospital is wanting 1 year experience before they'll hire her into IMC/tele, but they're going to look into it and she may get hired. 
7/8/03  Tuesday  (0118):   On this day in 1986 Hyman Rickover died.  Who is that you ask?  Well I asked and the internet provided.  He is known as the "father" of the nuclear navy.  He developed the world's first nuclear submarine, The Nautilus (which I've been on, it's docked at Groton, CT).  He was born in Russia, but came here at the age of 6, good thing for us, huh?

Word of the Day:  canicular \kuh-NIK-yuh-lur\ adjective.  1: of or relating to the dog days of summer.  Merriam-Webster says:  The Latin word "canicula," meaning "small dog," is the diminutive form of "canis," the word that ultimately gives us the English word "canine." "Canicula" was also the name for Sirius, the star that represents the hound of the hunter Orion in the constellation named for that Roman mythological figure. Because the first visible rising of Sirius occurs during the summer, the hot sultry days that occur from early July to early September came to be called "dies caniculares," or as we know them in English, "the dog days."

My horoscope:  'Today you will bolt up from your bed, grinning like a maniac, and shout "labor omnia vincit!" (the motto of Oklahoma) in ringing heroic tones. This could be the start of something interesting...'

I tell you, I lead such an exciting life!  I'm being funny.  Or maybe it's not funny that I didn't do a darn thing the past 3 days!  Didn't even go get my hair cut, which is something I really want to get done.  Guess I'll have to wait until Thursday now.

Wednesday night at work we're having a potluck, it's Maryann's last night there, she's moving to Chandler (Phoenix area).  She was Charge the other night and I was in a pt's room when they gave the temp in Phoenix and she happened to be out in the hall.  I poked my head out and told her - she grimaced.  I told her what she should do is take a travel assignment back here June/July/August.  We were talking about salaries and she'll be getting less pay there.  I used a link from Kim Komando and checked RN salaries here and in Phoenix, they were $6,000 less in Phoenix.  But I guess you have to figure the cost of living is less.  You can buy a
huge house there for a lot less than here. 

For example, how about a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, huge house for $140,000?  Or, 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2166 square feet for $170,000.  And these were the more expensive ones I was looking at.  Houses here in So. Calif are outrageous!
7/10/03  Thurs  (2246):   Today is Don't Step On A Bee Day, which is good advice; however, if you do then rejoice that it is also Pina Colada Day!  On this day in 1985 Coca-Cola company brought back old Coke as Coke Classic to please critics of the new formula.  Thank goodness!  I'm a Dr. Pepper person, but if it's not available I'll have a Coke, and that "New Coke" they tried to foist upon us was a joke!.  In 1553 Lady Jane Grey was crowned Queen of England; she reigned for only nine days.  Read about here here

Word of the Day:  paladin \PAL-uh-dun\ noun.  1: a trusted military leader (as for a medieval prince); 2: a leading champion of a cause.  Per Merriam-Webster:  In ancient Rome, the emperor's palace was located on the Palatine Hill, known as "Palatium" in Latin. Since the site was the seat of imperial power, the word "palatium" came to mean "imperial" and later "imperial official." Different forms of the word passed through Latin, Italian, and French, picking up various meanings along the way, until eventually some of those forms made their way into English. "Paladin" is one of the etymological heirs of "palatium"; another descendant is the word "palace."

My Horoscope:  'Today you will find yourself wondering why a shampoo that "tingles" would be better at preventing dandruff than one which doesn't. It's that sort of intellectual undertaking which has earned you your well-deserved reputation.'
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