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9/14/03  Sun  (2351):   Went up to Honey & Grampa's around 1530 or so, Dad wasn't back from playing at the beach yet.  He'd gone there after the picnic at Wildwood park, more reunion festivities.  Once he got back & changed we went for a drive and he pulled over and we switched.  I did okay, didn't even get yelled at :)

I did stall out the car, at one point he'd put it in gear and wanted me to let off the clutch without giving it gas, it died.  I started it and we did it again, once again it died.  I thought I was in trouble, turns out he'd slipped it into 3rd by mistake, so it wasn't my fault after all, yay!  Very nice car and it drives like a dream, so smooth and handles curves great.  You'd never realize it's a diesel.

By the time we got back everyone else was finishing up eating so we had our dinner.  Jeff had BBQ'd some chicken, Honey fixed baked potatoes and green peas.  For dessert we had pineapple upside down cake with real whipped cream.  Very tasty!  Dad's going back tomorrow, this was just a quick trip to attend his high school reunion.  Should I say how many years?????

Darell called about 2130 needing someone to come in so they could open another floor.  I had to say no, I don't have any clean work clothes.  I came home to do laundry, but after stopping at the grocery store by the time I got home I didn't have any more energy.  Besides, it would have meant another 3 nights in a row with only one off this time.

Helen called me Sat night, it was midnight her time.  She has a trailer down at the Cape and she was there by herself this time, no one wanted to go.  She said I need to come in the late spring or summer next time I visit so we can go together.  I told her I'd plan on it, even though I don't get vacation time with my new job (it's kind of like a travel nursing contract for 9 months, I'm not regular staff at the hospital) I can schedule myself so I can get 8 days in a row off and still work my full hours.

I might do that a few times, I want to travel more and see more places.  I've always looked eastward, US and Europe, but after watching a program on TV, I think it's time to visit Hawaii.  That's the one place my Granny always wanted to go so I think I'll go for her.  Mom, wanna come with??  Besides, I'd like to see the live volcano.  Dad, you're invited too.

Maybe since I'll be living in the same State I can finally get to the Grand Canyon!  I know I'm supposed to be saving a lot of money with the new job, but I should have plenty of extra cash to go do things!
9/17/03  Wed  (0915):   Yesterday was Stay Away From Seattle Day.  Since they're considering taxing lattes and other coffees I guess it could be a good idea.  Tomorrow is the U.S. Air Force Anniversary, I'm kind of prejudiced towards the Air Force vs the other services, being an Air Force Brat!

My horoscope:  'While cracking your knuckles today you will be a bit startled to hear a "ping" sound rather than a "pop." That's a bad habit, anyway.'

I worked on 2east the past two nights.  Monday was nice, it was just Sharon and I and 8 pts, no more admits throughout the night and my pts were pretty easy.  Sharon is the one who had the busy pt.  Last night was horrible!  Everyone is on edge because the State was there yesterday for inspections and today JCAHO will be there checking things out so everyone is in overdrive to pass the inspection.  Made for extra work for everyone, on top of the difficult night.  Kay said if they showed up on our shift everyone should stick together, not scatter (they grill you on hospital procedures and policies).  Someone questioned this and I said it's just like a herd of zebra banding together in one big group, it's harder for the predators to cut a single one out of the group and go for the kill.

I had a pt who had lymphedema, I've never seen an arm so big!  He needed blood and when we were checking the first unit we discovered the name on the blood ID band was wrong, so I had to have lab come back and re-draw to make sure the blood he'd been typed & crossmatched for was actually compatible.  That took more time and by the time it was ready it was about 0130. Then he had a temp of 101.1 so I couldn't start it.  Called the MD and gave the pt some tylenol, got blood cultures and had to wait for the temp to come down before I could start the blood.  By 0400 he was ready.

Then at 2345 one of my pt's heart rhythm change, she went into A-fib and when I called the doctor all he said was "you don't need to do anything."  At one point her rate went up to 160 and as I was going to check what she was doing I heard the door to her room open and she sauntered out into the hall.  I got her back to bed and spent the next 45 mintues explaining what was going on.  I even showed her the rhythm strips and explained them.  She couldn't see why she had to stay in bed, she'd "been there all day."  Then later she had some chest pain while I was trying to deal with another pt.  At 0220 I got an admit and although the guy had been downstairs in the ER for 8 hours none of the paperwork they were supposed to do was done, so had to do that.

It was a BUSY night and I got out of there at 0800.  I'm tired!  I get a whole day off then go back tomorrow.  Then I get 3 days off.
9/20/03  Sat  (0133):   It's Hollywood Magic Day, sometimes Hollywood does create magic, other times just junk!

My horoscope:  'Hmm. Hard to read this one. The carrot stopped right between "catches horrible disfiguring disease" and "loses everything in major earthquake." I guess you can pick whichever one you want, in this case.'

Since I didn't renew my earthquake insurance (would have renewed it July 1) I'll choose the disfiguring disease!  Worked on 4west Thursday night and knew I was in for it when I walked in and saw there were 7 pts on the floor (can have a total of 12) and 3 RN's were assigned.  That meant they were expecting to give us a bunch of admits.  Started with 2 pts and right off the bat we got a list of 4 admits waiting in ER.  I took one, Liz took one and Diana took one.  Then ER wanted to call report on the 4th one, I decided to take it as Liz had her hands full trying to get a pt's blood pressure down before she blew the final gasket!  But I couldn't take report right then, I was busy with the first admit. 

I started with a post-op CABG pt who had to be pushed & shoved to do anything.  Okay, I understand you've had major heart surgery, but you don't lie there in bed like a slug!  My other pt happened to be one I'd had the week before, he had been readmitted.  First admit was a man who had chest pain after his heart rate went up to 180.  They got it under contorl in the ER and he was fine for me the rest of the night.

My 4th pt also had come in because of chest pain.  She was a bit tricky to deal with, was one of those that wanted things done her way, right away.  Managed to get her settled by about 0100 and she was fine for the rest of the night.  Then it was a matter of doing the charting, in between helping the others.

But at last I get 3 days off in a row!  Was telling Liz & Diana that as of that night (Thurs) I'd worked 6 days out of nine and I was tired!  It works out that way sometimes.  I'll get these 3 days off, work 2 and get another 3 off.  So if you count that way, out of 8 days I'll have 6 off :)

A bunch of people from work were going to meet at Macaroni's at 1700 on Friday, but I was still sleepy so didn't go.  Just didn't have the energy to get up, take a shower, and make myself presentable.  Tonight I'm to meet Rachael, Kathi, and Brooke and we're going to go do something.

I finally got a new pair of glasses, when I got the new contacts I didn't get new glasses right away.  But I definitely needed them as the left earpiece had broken off and I had tape on the end (luckily hidden by my hair over my ear), but it was an old prescription.  I handed the prescripton to the girl at the counter (CostCo) and she says "so, do you want the invisble line bifocals?"  "BIFOCALS!  I don't need bifocals!"  She showed me the prescription and there was a little bit of magnification added.  I'm so blind and my distance vision is so bad that with contacts I do use off the shelf magnifiers if I'm going to be reading, or when I do charting at work.  Turns out I needed them with the glasses.  I can see fine close-up without glasses but I guess it would be the same with the glasses as with the contacts.  She was very patient and after I got assurances that I could change the prescription if I didn't like them, with no added cost, that I agreed.  I looked at her and said flatly, "I'm old."  I also got the thinner lenses and if I'd known they'd be that much thinner I would have chosen a different frame.  I just wanted one that wasn't metal, like the frames I'd had for a while, because when I sweat it ate the covering & metal off the ear pieces and turned the side of my face green.  I'd also initially said no to the transisition lenses, then said, "no, better add it since I'm moving to Arizona."

But then it was balanced Thursday at work.  I was talking with Judy (secretary) and Del (RN) and age came up.  They were astounded when they found out my age, they both thought I was about 30.  Heheheehehee.  Judy asked if I'd ever been married, told her I hadn't found someone I disliked enough to aggravate for the rest of his life.

I went over to the Mission on Wed, another thing to take pictures of before I leave.  I put some up at fotolog, the first of the series is

Oh, and by the way, the glasses are fine, I don't even notice the difference, I can just see better with these!
9/25/03  Thurs  (2256):   Today is National One Hit Wonder Day; you know, those groups who put out a great song and you wait expectantly for the next one and nothing else is as good as that first hit!

My horoscope:  'You will find an alien artifact behind the cushion in the sofa. Point the pointy end away from you, if you push the little bumpy thing. Personally, I'd just leave it alone.'

Okay, Saturday night.....I'm glad I went.  Kathi, Brooke, Rachael, Rachael's friend Janet, Jackie, Brooke's sisters Misty & Deanine, and I met over at restaurant row in San Marcos and had dinner at Zip & Zack's.  We pigged out on appetizers so much none of us could eat our dinner.  So they went home with us.  I came home and Kathi picked me up, which was great, meant I didn't have to worry about what I was going to drink.  We ended up at a place in Oceanside called Margarita Rocks. 

We walked in just in time, there was a guy up on a stage dancing. Rachael yells out to the cashier, "is he going to take his clothes off??!?!!"  When the answer was yes, she yells out, "ooooh Baby!"  It was fun, but not as good as years ago when a bunch of us would go to Francine's for  their male stripper night.  It was a fun night and it was a good thing that Kathi was driving me!  I got a little cross-eyed!  I took a bunch of pictures and will put them up.  Turns out no pics were allowed and one of the bouncer guys finally came over to me and told me this and said "if the Big Boss sees you he'll take your camera."  Okay, I can understand no pics of the dancers, or of other people, but what about pics of my friends, who had no objection?????  I put it away in my purse.  Kathi and I finally left, Rachael & Janet were still there but we couldn't find them so left them a message on Rachael's cell phone.

Rachael called me the next day and said my message was hilarious, she saved it for me - I have no idea what I said!  Also, when we got back to Kathi's car I was looking in my purse and said, horrified, "Kathi, my camera's not in my purse!"  She pointed and calmly said, "it's in your pocket."  It was in the pocket of my shirt.  Of course that made me laugh and laugh.  I haven't been tipsy in years!
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