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I was smart and when I scheduled myself off Sat night, I also did for Sun also.  That way I had plenty of time to recover!  Worked Mon/Tues on 4 West with Marci and Marge (LVN) both nights.  They were busy nights!  Tuesday was the busiest.  I had 3 of the same pts back, but got an admit at 2115 and she kept me busy ALL night!  She needed 2 units of blood and the Dr. had also ordered 2gm of Mag sulfate, but we didn't have a level.  So after checking with Lee (charge) I got a mag level and when it was in the normal level called the doctor, again.  I'd already called her about the pt's code status, they'd changed their mind (the husband actually) and wanted her to be a full code.  She was also hallucinating, she yanked at her IV tubing and said she wanted to talk to the person who plugged her into this battery.  So that meant I had to keep checking on her to make sure she was okay.

She was also calling for the bedpan about every 30 mins and during the second call to the Dr. I got an order for a catheter, prn.  She wanted it.  I was busy so Marci tried, twice.  Believe it or not, females can be hard, anatomy can differ so much.  At least with a man you
know where the hole is!  I was going to do it then Marge came in and she got it.  I had to send a sample to the lab as what came out was, well, I'll spare people and not describe it!  Just say it didn't look like what she'd been voiding in the bedpan!

Later that morning she asked who owned the little black dog that came into her room, and then said "what model Braun coffee maker is this?" and pointed to the IV pump.  At least she wasn't trying to climb out of bed!  We had that with one of Marge's pts.  We had both just come around the corner and were standing by the nurse's station and heard a loud smack.  The guy was in the corner at the foot of the bed, in a pool of blood.  His family had been there earlier to watch him, then left because they said he was sleeping, so we had to keep an eye on him.  He had scooted to the foot of the bed earlier and we got him back up in position.  When he got out of bed he'd pulled out his catheter (I can see the men wincing and making a face) and that's where the blood was coming from.  I called the lift team to help get him back in bed, Marge called his family and we got him cleaned up before they got there.  Amazingly nothing else hurt, when questioned, he spoke spanish only, it was only his penis, which I didn't doubt.  He had a red area on his belly, and that's where we figured he landed, he took a belly flop out of bed.  There was no tenderness on palpation and I checked him a couple of times after that to make sure.  Kay (tele monitor) had called while this was going on to tell us he was off the monitor and she said, "Rm ***" and I cut in and said, "is on the floor."  She said that's not where we're supposed to keep our pts!  It's not funny to the pt, but you do have to chuckle.

Terry and I were going to go to La Jolla Cove today so I could take pics of the seals, but I had a headache and we decided to do it later.  I think tomorrow I'll go to Birch Aquarium, associated with Scripp's Institue of Oceanography, I believe.  Now I need to fix a bunch of pages, I've uploaded a bunch of pictures and it's time for something new for people to look at.

I had to call Wendy (one of the unit managers) to tell her I forgot to put in a pink slip for a day off during ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) recertification.  She'd given me the day off, but still needs it when I go in next.  She also asked if she could put me as charge nurse on one of the nights on the next schedule.  I told her I was flattered, but I'd never done it and wouldn't feel comfortable, there's a lot to do that I don't know, such as the next day's scheduling.  I said I'd thought about it and if I was going to stay I would have asked to be trained for it.  She said, "what do you mean,
if you're going to stay?"  She forgot I had spoken to her and Tricia and told them I'd be leaving in December.  She said "darn, we're losing a good nurse."  Told her I'd like to come back occasionally as a travel nurse, she said, "of course, that's a given!"  Nice to know the manager thinks well of you :)

Okay, new stuff is added, if you want to bypass the main page you can link here:  New pics of
my kids; new pics of my family; new pics of my town; new humor stuff added; and incriminating pics of Girls Night Out!
9/26/03  Fri  (2320):   It's the Peanut Festival in Virginia today, mmmmmmm peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.  I wonder who the first person was who thought to smash up peanuts into a paste?  What gave them the idea?  Was it an accident?  Okay, so what did I do, I just typed peanut butter into the address bar and found Peanut Butter Lovers on the web!  Here's what they say about the history of peanut butter.  You know what else is good, peanut butter & syrup mixed together, then make a sandwich!  Don't turn your nose up at the combination, try it, you'll like it :)

My horoscope:  'Time for an excursion! Remember to pack some sandwiches and carry a large ball of twine (it's easy to get lost in the city -- the twine should help).'

Well, I didn't go on any excursions today.  I was up most of the night playing on the computer.  Looking at pics on Fotolog (
my fotolog), surfing, and playing games.  I love to play some of the card games I have and put puzzles together.  I really love putting puzzles together and it's much easier doing it on the computer, don't need to drag out the card table and worry about little kitty paws stealing your pieces!  Even slept thru a phone call from work offering double time to come in to work, I might have considered that!

So, no pictures from the Birch Aquarium, I think I'll try to do that on Tuesday.
9/29/03  Mon  (1003):   Not much going on for "Today."  It is the Fast of Gedalya (Jewish) and if you'd like to know what that is you can go here.

My horoscope:  'Today you will develop a type of rubber overshoe that looks like dinosaur's feet. They will become wildly popular after your appearance on the Letterman show.'

Worked on 2west last night with Trish and Marge.  It was a very busy night and I told Trish this morning that I was glad I didn't have to go back tonight; I think if I did I would have to quit!  It was horrible!  Trish and I had 4 pts to start, Marge had 3 and one was transfered out.  So that leaves her with 2 pts.  I was covering the 2 she had left and by 2100 I was behind.  I had a lot to do with 2 of my pts. 

I've tried to be polite at times, not knowing if anyone from work ever reads this as some people know I have a webpage; however, I was really angry, upset, pissed off at Marge last night!  As an LVN the RN's cover her IV meds, and basically we're responsible for her pts.  With only 2 pts she should have been done with assessments and meds by 2100.  I asked her to help me by checking blood sugars on two pts.  She ignored me, pretended she didn't hear me.  Trish looked at me and raised her eyebrows.  She told me later she didn't say anything as she doesn't like confrontations.  I don't either, I like a good working environment.  I asked her again, and grudgingly she said okay, "when I finish my meds."  She wasn't finished but she'd had plenty of time to sit around, talk to people, go down and smoke, etc.  Turns out she only had to do one of them, and she ended up having the ACT do hem for all of us. 

One of her pts had a problem, SVT (heart rate 130-150); BP of 230/104, temp 101.8.  Trish helped by calling the doctor as I pushed some IV medication for the BP.  We later had to call him back as the pt's BP had increased again and his heart rate was sitting at 156.  I told Marge she needed to call the doctor.  5 minutes later I said, "you need to call the Dr. NOW!"  She finally did.  We finally got his temp, heart rate, and BP down.  By this time I think it was around 0500 and I still had my charts to do, plus review & sign Marge's.

I had a lot of stuff to do in the morning so I once again asked Marge to help me by getting blood sugars on two of my pts.  She grumbled something about working overtime; I shouldn't have had to, but justified my request by saying I would be there late too, I still had suction canisters to change, trachs to change and trach dressings, plus I still had charting to do.  Unspoken was the fact that I had spent a lot of time taking care of her pt and I still had her charts to do.

I find it interesting that she was too busy to help, but everytime I saw her she was sitting at the desk, or had gone downstairs to smoke a cigarette.  I was in the middle of a dressing change with a pt, Sharon (our aide/ACT) came in and said Marge had told her to give one of her pts a bath, my other involved pt was wet & needed changing.  Sharon has a lot of work to do and is always smiling, cheerful, and helps without any hesitation.  You don't tell the ACT to do it and then go sit down.  Sharon had just finished helping me with my pt's bath, but I had everything ready and we did it together.  Before we were finished I told her to go finish what she needed to do and I did the rest of getting him put back together.  Anyway, I told her to tell Marge she probably wouldn't be able to do it (it was 2300 by this time and she leaves at 2330 and still had her regular duties to do) and that I asked her (Marge) to help her change/clean up my pt.  She did it, but I definitely heard about it.

Can you tell I'm still ticked off????  Trish and I got out of there at 0830, Marge was still writing up the notes about her pt who had the problem.
9/30/03  Tues  (2148):   Today is the anniversary of the Gutenberg Bible.  It was printed in Mainz around 1454-5 and it's the first major book printed in the west.

My horoscope:  'You will begin a bitter and drawn-out battle with a gopher. You don't stand a chance.'

Terry and I were going to go to La Jolla Cove so I could photograph the seals that have taken over part of the beach.  Her son was sick so we cancelled again, we'll get there eventually!  I went back to sleep and about noon decided to go over to the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla.  Interesting place, and I bet the views on a clear day are wonderful.  I've downloaded pics from the camera and have them uploaded here, just need to get them in order, so I think I'll do that now! 

Did ya miss me??  I've finished and you can check out the pics
10/5/03  Sun  (0139):   It's International Toot Your Flute Day!  So go ahead & do it.

My horoscope:  'A new love affair will have you all misty-eyed. Either that, or it's the onset of glaucoma, in which case you should seek immediate medical attention.'

Well, my criminal past has come back to haunt me!  My first set of fingerprints was rejected by the FBI and the AZ State Board of Nursing sent another card, along with an arrest & conviction form to fill out.  If the person who did the prints the first time had done them right, I wouldn't have to be doing all this extra stuff and would probably have gotten my permanent license next month. 

26 1/2 years ago while on my odyssey of selling magazines across the US I was arrested in Hayward, Ca.  Well, after investigation this time, turns out it was actually San Leandro.  Anyway, I spent the night in jail, went up before a judge the next morning and a fine was imposed and a sentence of one night in jail, which the judge said was served.  The company paid the fine and I went on my merry way.

Now I have to get the records and turn all sorts of info in, but after that amount of time the records have been purged.  I was up early Sat morning, had to go to Kinko's to get the letter printed out as my cartridge was dry, go get a new one as I'll have more to write, then go by the post office to get it into the mail to be delivered to a very nice lady in the San Leandro PD by Monday.  I have to have written proof that they are no longer on file.

I remember being very flippant the morning of the court appearance, the lady "counseling" us was very serious and said, "don't you realize you'll have a police record now and this could affect your future employment?"
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