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I laughed & said "Oh come on, I can't believe someone wouldn't hire me because I was selling magazines without a license!"  California didn't have any problems granting me a license and I really don't expect any from Arizona, although it's taken me a little bit to calm down about it and not worry as much.

I told myself to stop it!  Then I asked myself what's the worst that could happen?  Well, I could be denied a permanent AZ license.  Okay, then I'll move back to Calif, I can always get my job back at TCMC.  Of course by then I'll have signed a 1 year lease for the apt (I decided to go for the 2br, 2bath for 860 a month but with a 1 year lease it'll only be 717 a month) and there will be problems with that.  Depending upon which is less, I either keep paying the rent and Mom & Dad have a "2nd home" for a while to use whenever they like, or I pay the penalty for breaking the lease.  I figure I make enough money, won't be a problem. 

This is just like when I took the boards, I wavered between knowing I failed to knowing I passed.  Right now I feel better, I can't see them denying me a license for something that paltry.  I mean, I didn't murder, rape, pillage, steal, etc.  Arizona is screaming for nurses, they
need me!

Well, I need to try & sleep.  Jess and I are going to go to dinner (mexican food at Mi Fiesta, told her she should try it) then to a movie late Sun afternoon/evening, we're probably going to see Pirates of the Caribbean.
10/6/03  Mon  (0013):   Today is National German-American Day, which I can celebrate as my paternal grandmother's family is German, Oderlins & Zimmermans.

My horoscope:  'Big career move today! Oddly, your decision will be somehow related to a pamphlet called "Goat Herding Made Easy."'

I met Jessamyn over at Mi Fiesta and we had a yummy dinner, she had chicken fajitas and I had my usual, cheese enchiladas with rice and beans, and this time I threw in a tamale.  I hadn't eaten all day and was starved!  After that we went over to Edward's Cinema in San Marcos to see Pirates of the Caribbean, it was great!  I highly recommend it, Johnny Depp made the movie.  If you go, stay thru the end of the credits.  Everyone but Jess and me and two other people had left so they missed something!  I wouldn't mind seeing it again, maybe I'll go next week.

In one of the scenes the ship was bounding thru the waves, the bow lifting then crashing down.  I just
HAVE to sail the ocean on a clipper ship!  I could picture myself at the bow, hanging on for dear life and wiping the spray from my face as I hung over the rail watching dolphins riding the bow wave, then racing ahead of the ship.  Oooooooh, can't you feel it!

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10/7/03  Tues  (0917):   Nothing much going on today, but tomorrow is National Bring Teddy Bear to Work & School Day!

My horoscope:  'You will get a notion to become a street food-vendor and will make yourself a food serving cart for the "Bulghur Baron." You will sell pint containers of hot bulghur wheat, cooked with sauteed onions, garlic, and other vegetables. To everyone's amazement, you'll succeed fabulously, eventually making millions off the franchise rights alone.'

What a great night I had at work!  I started on 4east with Diane and a certain LVN.  When I first got there and saw the assignment I groaned, but decided to try & make the best of it.  As I had to cover her IV's I asked her to write down what needed to be done so I didn't have to flip thru her MAR's (Medication Administration Record). When she said "I only have such and such," I just politely said, thank you, but could you go ahead and write it up as I'll forget?"  It wasn't too much to ask as that's what the others do.  Turns out one of them had 4 IV's alone, not just "a couple."

Then Marcy was looking for someone to open 3east if they got more admits.  She asked me and I said "sure!"  Personally, I'd rather deal with 4 new pt/admits, than work with Marge.  It turned out to be a great decision!  I got there about 2320, it was me and Hill (CNA) and when I got there one pt was already there, had just got there and Marcy had done the admit questions.  An hour later I got another pt, and 45 mins another.  It was good timing as I had time to do paperwork & assessments.  That was it, just 3 pts the rest of the night.

Yes, I had things to do and all the admit paperwork on 3 people, but since I only had my pts to take care of and didn't have to answer other people's call bells or check beeping IV pumps I was able to get everything done.  In fact, I was bascially done by 0630, just had to add up I&O's and make a final note in the charts.  I even had one pt who had to have fingersticks every hour to check his blood sugar, and another pt I had to do neuro checks on every 2 hours.

Even though there were only 3 pts with the possibilty of one more, you have to have 2 people there, in case something happens and the RN is busy you need to have a 2nd person available.  It doesn't have to be a licensed person, just someone to answer bells and watch the floor.  I didn't have to do my vital signs or empty foleys, just had to zero IV pumps and mark my IV credits.  It was cool, I was the only nurse, I was responible for my own pts and everything went great :)

I have to go back tonight, if 3east is still open I can go back there; otherwise, I'll be back on 4east.  I have to go vote this morning too, but thought I'd get on the computer a bit. 
10/9/03  Thurs  (0143):   Today is .Leif Erikson Day, you can read about him here

My horoscope:  'You will discover that your manager was frequently taunted with a rubber chicken during her formative years. This will go a long ways towards explaining some of the things you'd been wondering about.'   Aaaaah, so
that explains it!

I was back on 4east Tuesday night as they'd closed down 3east by that afternoon.  Two of the pts I'd had on 3east were there and I was going to take them, plus 1 from 4east from the night before.  I chose not to take one that had been a pain in the butt!  He wouldn't do anything for himself.  Just
one example:  He rang the bell (rang it continuously) and said his head was too high.  I showed him the bed controls so he could adjust it to his comfort, he says "I can't reach them."  I reach to adjust the bed, then pause and ask "why can't you reach it?"  Just checking to make sure nothing else was going on; his reply, "I'll have to move my arm from under the cover."  I was almost speechless!  I told him, "well, then move it, there's no reason why you can't do that."  He ascerbically repeated "I'm sorry!" as he adjusted the bed.  I told him I was there to take care of him, keep him safe, and help as needed, but he needed to help himself also.

I had to give up one of my pts to the float RN as there was one who needed to be prepped for CABG surgery and she didn't know the routine.  One of the pts I'd admitted on 3east the night before had a drastic change in her status, she was unresponsive when I checked her about an hour later.  Her O2 sats were 85 so I didn't waste any time playing around with the nasal cannula and put her on 100% O2 and a mask.  That got her up to 94% but she was really breathing hard, using accessory muscles and had that agonal breathing that you associate with people who are dying.  Each inspiration sounded like a loud snore.  I notified the doctor (twice) and called the family who came in to see her.  The son came back the next morning and thought she looked better, then he spoke with the doctor on the phone.  She made it thru the night, don't know how she did today, but my mantra is "not on my watch!"

I got an admit around 2130 and it was a woman I'd had before with the same problem.  She was having vaginal bleeding, enough that her blood count was w-a-a-a-y down!  The ER had started her first unit of blood and I gave her another two, finishing just at the end of my shift.  I was busy all night long, dealing with her, checking my other pt all the time, getting my CABG pt ready, and dealing with the 4th who kept getting anxious about his breathing, "I can't breathe!"  Of course he was fine.  I got out of there at 0800, came home and played some computer games (I love the puzzles) then crashed around 1130.  Didn't accomplish anything today, well, yesterday.

Today I have to pick up a letter from Judy for the AZ Board, call Julie to see if I can get another one printed on TCO's letterhead and take it in for Dr. O to sign.  I asked Tricia yesterday for a character reference and hopefully I'll have it by the end of the week.  Then I have to do laundry, do some housework, and study for skills lab which is Friday morning.  I always stress about that!  And this year they say we can't do the written tests as a group, which I don't understand.  I don't nurse alone, I always have other people to bounce ideas off of and with whom to discuss problems.  Oh well, I'll do fine.
10/10/03  Fri  (0146):   Hmmm, today is Tuxedo Day and World Egg Day, what would happen if you celebrated them together?  Let's go throw eggs at people in tuxes!

My horoscope:  'The phrase "return your tray tables to the upright and locked position" will cycle endlessly through your mind today. It's not serious. (But you should probably consider cutting down on the honey-roasted peanuts.)'

The only thing I accomplished on Thursday was to get the character reference letter printed out for Dr. O to sign.  I went over to Julie's, who does office transcription, and she printed it out for me on TCO letterhead.  I got a late start and found out the laundry room downstairs is closed until Sat.  That means everybody will be rushing in Sat morning and as I have to work 3 in a row I can't take a chance.  So, I have to do something I haven't done in years, go to a laundrymat!

I have skills lab in the morning (don't ask me why I'm still up at this time when I have to be in at 0700, but when you're a night person, it's hard to sleep when you're wide awake!).  I figure I'll put my laundry in the car when I go in the morning.  I'll swing by the College to pick up the letter from Judy then go by a laundrymat.  Then I have to come home & pick up the place.  I've been lazy the past week and things are starting to get out of control again.  Besides, my Uncle, who lives in Texas, will be coming in sometime next week.  He's stopping by Mom's first (her
little brother who is 6'5") then coming out this way for a few days.  Too bad I can't get some time off. 

I'm going to have to put him up in a motel, there's no place for him to sleep here and with me working I can't have anyone around.  If I had a 2-bedroom it would be different.  Too bad he didn't wait until December for his road trip, I'd have the 2-bedroom in AZ at that time and I wouldn't be working.  Oh well, I'll find something for us to do on the days I don't have to work.  If he wants, I'll call my contact at the zoo and get us a behind the scenes tour to play with the big kitties :) 

I'd like to go to Seaworld too, maybe he'd like to go to Disneyland.  We'll see what he has on his mind.
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