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10/11/03  Sat  (0151):   Today is National Coming Out Day, so if you've been thinking about it, now's the time!

My horoscope:  'You will be sucked into a multi-level marketing organization today and will lose all your friends, along with your self-respect.  Later, though, you'll realize that your new friends are much better than those old friends and that you feel like you're part of a big "family." Or at least, that's what you'll say.'

Went in Friday morning to do Skills Lab and the written testing.  It wasn't as bad as I thought, but I still took a lot of time to do the written part.  There were a lot of questions about conscious sedation, which I've never done, questions about the drugs used, rhythm strips, and there were only 3 med calculations to do.  Luckily I had checked my Palm the night before and found a whole program on every type of calculation you could imagine.  Sure made it easy!  We all agreed that the pumps had spoiled us, you plug in the numbers and the rate is automaticaly calculated.  So we're rusty doing it by hand.

Then it was on to the different stations to go thru skills and answer questions.  When it was time for me to do the mock code, I was the only one at that station.  I almost waited for more people, didn't want to be in the hotseat.  But guess what, I saved the pt!  I analyzed the rhythms correctly and came up with the right thing to do.  When she put up a rhythm of V-fib (lethal, pt will die without intervention) she asked what do I do now?  I said "well, I certainly hope the ER doc is here by now as I don't want to be the one to shock him!"  I'm finally rememebering the different levels of joules to use, they're different for different rhythms.

While I was there my purse strap broke, one of the girls said, "yay, now you get to go shopping!"  I went by TCO to have Dr. O sign the letter (Mom, he said it was beautifully written), and chatted little bit.  He's gonna be a grampa, in 2 weeks!  He's also scaled back his office hours, only works Wed/Thur/Fri now.  Can you believe, there are 11 doctors in the group now!  When I left there were 6.  There are tons of people in the office now, they really need a bigger place.  Also had Joyce do her notary thing for a power of attorney for M&D so they can sign for my apt and get anything else set up that needs to be.

After that I went to WalMart, I hate looking for a new purse!  You finally find one you like and the next time you need one it's not there and you have to search & search!  Last time I went back and bought a 2nd one, should have bought all they had as I had to get a different one this time.

Never made it out to Palomar to get the letter from Judy, I should have just had her mail it like she was going to!  In any case, I don't have the info from San Leandro.  I called before I left WalMart and the lady isn't there, hasn't been all week and when I asked if she'd be in Monday I was told it would probably be Thursday or later.  I then told the person I was speaking with that I had mailed a manilla envelope addressed to that particular lady and could they take care of it.  She wasn't as nice as Darlene, was kind of short and said there were four people in the office and they'd get to it as soon as they could.  I explained as the envelope was addressed personally I was afraid they wouldn't open it.  I described it, gave my name & address and asked her to please take care of it.  I got the same reply. 

I got home around 1630 and after scrounging up something to eat (hadn't eaten all day) I fell asleep.  I tried to sleep last night but only dozed for about 1-2 hours, so that means I went into the test with a tired brain.  Maybe that's why it took me so long!  I should have just gone in to work, Camille had called offering double time for 11-7 Thurs night.  While I was at the skills lab Kate came up to me and asked me to work 3-7.  I had to turn them both down as I hadn't been to the laundrymat as yet.  When I got home the laundry room was open so I'm glad I didn't take my laundry with me and sit around in a laundrymat being tortured by screaming kids!

Needless to say, I didn't get any housework done today, I was just too tired by the time I got home.  That means I have to do it over the next few days, and I'm working 3 in a row!  I'm off Tues/Wed, but Tues I'll be dead after the three.  And knowing my luck I'll be stuck on 2west and it's really heavy right now.  Hopefully Charlie won't come any earlier than Wed (hint, hint, hint!).  I work Thurs, then have 3 days off.

Oh!  When I was at WalMart I downloaded some pics off of my camera and had them printed out.  Wow!  I chose 5x7 and they were fantastic!  Especially the red jellyfish with the black backround.  Mom, we have to do our road trip over again so I can use the better camera!  What a difference a few pixels make!  I went from a 2.1 to a 3.2 and the quality was amazing!  So I sat down tonight and uploaded some to the camera so the next time I'm out that way I can get some others printed.
10/12/03  Sun  (0901):   Today is Destiny Day, reminds me of a quote:  "Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."  William Jennings Bryan.  I used this at my nursing school graduation, when one of the instructors read the card I wrote while I was getting my pin.  (we had a pinning ceremony instead of a capping ceremony)

My horoscope:  'Three kings from arid countries will wander by, leading their horses, and apparently searching for something. This will seem innocuous at first, but later, you'll start to worry.'

I approached the assignment sheet with dread when I went to work last night, it was my first of 3 and as I hate to do 3 in a row I figure the misery would be compounded by having to work on 2west.  Was I ever grateful when I saw I was assigned to 2east!  We all started with 4 pts, there were 3 RN's so I didn't have to cover anyone.  Then one had to transfer a pt out and got a new one, and Trish had to do the same, but she got an admit, which was more paperwork.  I was lucky, started & ended with my same four, and they were great pts! 

One of them was a hoot!  He had a great sense of humor and was fun to take care of.  The other three were nice also.  I know people don't like to stay in the hospital but I hope none of them go home.  Isn't that bad!

I forgot to mention that Cher was surprised to see me at Skills Lab on Friday, I guess she thought since I was leaving I wouldn't do it.  I probably could have slid by without doing it, but right now I'm welcome to come back anytime and I want to keep the door open in case I want to come back as a traveler for 3 months.  I won't be able to escape AZ next summer as my 9 months will run until the middle of October, but maybe I can come back here for 3 months after that.  Then go back to AZ, then somewhere else.  I'd like to make it to Boston and Amarillo.  Maybe I can re-time my working in AZ to work the cooler months and go to other places during the summer.  Not that Amarillo is cool in the summer, or Boston for that matter, but they
have to be better than Phoenix!  I may have to take a couple of months off to get the timing right, oh what a shame ;)
10/19/03  Sun  (0559):   Today is Evaluate Your Life Day.  I think it's going pretty well, thank you very much!  About the only thing I'll change is what Charlie & I have been talking about, we spend too much time alone, at home, in front of the computer, in front of the TV.  Need to stop doing that!

My horoscope:  'Your neighbors will have a wild party, which you'll catch glimpses of through the open window. You'll know you shouldn't watch, but it's just hard to imagine how people can do that, especially on a trampoline.'

Charlie got here Friday around 1330, he had spent the night in Kingman, AZ and made pretty good time getting here.  We went over to the pier, strolled down to the end and back.  Then it was to Sizzler for food, I hadn't eaten all day, he had stopped at a Denny's but is always ready to eat again.  I told him we had to go to Claim Jumper's, paused and asked if he still had two hollow legs.  Yep, he says.  Good, you need that at Claim Jumper's, the portions are sooooo bg, and so good!

He had to fix the tag light on the car, it kept popping out and was hanging down.  We were going to go to a movie, decided on Pirates of the Caribbean (told him I'd seen it but would LOVE to see it again); unfortunately, it wasn't showing at the one down the road, and only had two show times at Edwards in San Marcos (the one with stadium seating) but the last one was at 1700 and we'd missed that.  So we chatted for a while then both decided we wanted some sleep.

I came home, I'd rented him a room at the Motel 6 just around the corner as I have no place for him to sleep, got on the computer and looked up operating hours for some of the sights.  (told him he'd have to come back to AZ after I move as I'll have a 2nd bedroom then, with a real bed to sleep in!)  We decided to go to Sea World yesterday and got there around 1130.  I think everybody in San Diego decided to go, there was a line of cars and we parked out in the south 40.  They're building a roller coaster, too bad it wasn't done.

We were strolling around checking out the clydesdales when Mom called, almost missed it as I have a new purse and it doesn't have the special pocket for it, it's more covered up now.  They had some pretty fun shows.  One of them had cats & dogs, amazing things they do and I'm always surprised they can find cats to do the things they train them to do.  I've never had a cat that would do anything
I wanted it to do!  Except maybe Chang, Mom always said he was so fixated on food he might have done anything for it :)

We went to the arctic on a big helicopter, swooped thru beautiful scenery but almost had a disaster!  The engines failed and when we sat down on the edge of a glacier it couldn't hold us and it started to collapse.  The engines still wouldn't start so we plummeted towards the ocean.  Luckily the captain got them going and pulled us up at the last moment!  When that was over we strolled around the Base in the arctic, checking out Beluga whales, polar bears, and a walrus.  Charlie was brave, he explored the den of a polar bear, we could hear him snoring.  I think some kids were too noisy as suddenly there was a big roar, luckily he fell back to sleep and started snoring again!

One of the best shows was the haunted lighthouse, it was great fun!  The movie was in 3-D, but it was billed outside as a 4-D expierence.  I pointed that out to Charlie and commented "maybe they dump water on us or something."  Ha, it did more than that!  The first indication of the fun that was coming was when the kids were sitting around a campfire toasting marshmellows, suddenly one exploded and I jumped and squeaked when I felt the whoosh of air hitting my face.  The seats in front of us had openings for air and water, and our seats had vibrators in them.  The 3-D stuff was amazing!  You know how in the movies they show 3-D with things coming out into the audience, well they did, I swear!  The frisbee sailed right towards my face and I could almost catch it.  The nose of the swordfish almost poked my eye out.  And the shark almost bit me!  I take that back, the first indication of what was in store was when we sat down I told Charlie, "hey, the seat is wet, and look at this, the back of the seats in front of us are wet!"  He decided to put his camera in the plastic bag he had (bought the baby a little outfit) and I had mine in its case, but tucked it under my T-shirt to be safe.  Good thing, at the end when the catfish spit at us, it really dumped more water on us!

We stopped by my favorite Mexican food take-out place, Kotija's and brought a veritable feast back here to watch TV.  I told Charlie I had 40 movie channels and we should be able to find
something to watch.  I had warned him it was very good food and lots of it, he couldn't finish and had a burrito left for a midnight snack.  About 2300 he said he'd better go as he was sitting there falling asleep.  I was on the computer downloading & fixing the pics I'd taken.  I'll get them up on this site, eventually, probably not until he's gone and then I'll have a whole section illustrating our adventures.  I do have a Shamu pic with the trainer flying thru the air up on Fotolog, I would love to have that job!  Imagine playing with killer whales every day!

Today we're going to Hollywood & Vine to take pictures of the wierdos, check out the walk of stars and the foot/hand imprints at Mann's Chinese theater.  I checked out directions on the internet and also found info for Rock Walk/Guitar Center that has "handprints, signatures, and memorabilia from Rock 'n Roll's greatest musical performers and innovators featured at this unique Hollywood attraction."  Just in case he'd like to check that out.  I think I'll also suggest Farmer's Market for lunch, I haven't been there in ages and love to check out all the shops.
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