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If I didn't get a call by 2100 I was free for the rest of the night.  At 10 til the phone rings and it was staffing saying I was needed, darn!  Well, I get there and my name isn't on the schedule.  Turns out I was being floated over to 3P, ick!  MedSurg and who knows how many pts.  But, there was a registry nurse on our floor and I was being sent to 3P, didn't make sense.  Marci was Charge and tried her hardest to get it changed but they wouldn't. 

I had 4 pts to start and got an admit around 0400.  I was one of 5 nurses and we even had 2 aids.  You would think with 2 aids, when the call bells rang someone would answer them.  NOT!  I was trying to chart, call bell was ringing, 3 people were standing at the nurses station two were sitting at the table, one of them an aid, and everyone was ignoring the bell.  I finally got up, had to walk around to the hall-side of the counter to answer the bell as the 3 were in the way.  IV pumps would beep and they were ignored.  I can't stand to let them beep, mainly because it disturbs the pt, secondly it disturbs ME!  I was not a happy camper that night!

And report, I am sooooo glad I don't work there!  In our area we tape report, there's one recorder, everyone listens to all the pts. Granted, there are only 12 vs. up to 30 on the pavilion.  There were 3 tape recorders and people would listen to one, go to another to get their pts, then to another if needed.  Some of them didn't even start unil 0715, Jess was going to give me a ride home and at 0750 I finally told Tina (she graduated the semester before I did) I was leaving, here was my cellphone number and call me if there were any questions or if anyone wanted to yell at me!

Lesson learned, stick to it when I say "no, I either work all night or I don't work at all!"

I had taken my purse with me as I was going to go to WalMart right after work and I left it in my locker.  The last time Jess was floated over to the Pavilion someone took the last check out of her checkbook and cashed it for over $800.  The bank gave her money back and they were investigating.  Apparently TCMC didn't fire the person, because "they didn't have enough proof."  The bank gave her two names of who it could be and one of them was working the same floor she was at the same time!

I wanted to get some pictures printed out to take to Jake and Liz.  I didn't know what we were having so didn't know whether to bring red or white wine; besides, I'm not a wine person and probably would have picked the wrong label.  But, you're invited to dinner, you take a gift.  I printed out the pics of the sunset reflected in the house and got some nice frames.  Then printed out the one of Sammy pawing at the stream of water coming out of the faucet (don't have pics up yet for "Jake's Place" yet, it will be there) to give to her.

We had a yummy dinner, salmon with some sort of rice I've not had before, I'l have to ask Liz what it was, salad and bread, the braided loaf type of bread.  Hey Mom, I even had a spear of asparagus!  Just one, though.  It was a very pleasant evening and we talked about all sorts of things.

A thought just popped into my head.  I'd mentioned to Charlie that taking a hot air balloon ride was on my "
List of 50 Things to do Before I Die" and he said I should go to Albuquerque when they have their big balloon festivial.  I'll be closer after I move to AZ and I think I'll do it!  Even if I don't go up in one, imagine the pictures I'll get with hundreds of hot air balloons lifting off into the sky.
11/12/03  Wed  (0917):   No frills or furbelows today, I'm tired!  I went into work at 1730 last night and was finished at 0815 this morning.  It wasn't as bad as the night before, but starting about 0400 I spent most of my time with one pt.  She went into a junctional rhythm, heart rate dropped to to 30's and her BP was 59/36 and this time she was feeling it!  She didn't want any heroics done, but we did what we could with extra fluid, some atropine and hooked her up to a bedside monitor.  I contacted her son in Anaheim, he was there by about 0700, a couple of friends came in.  Got her stablized and by the time my shift was up she'd started to go down again. 

At least I was working with PJ and Sarah, both not afraid to work and knew what they were doing.  In fact, PJ had to start a new IV to get the fluid in while I was on the phone with the son.  Sarah helped me by finishing my vital signs as I had to basically stay in the pt's room.

I can barely keep my eyes open so I'm off to dreamland, hopefully to get rested enough to tackle more packing!  At least I have the next 3 days off so hopefully I can get a lot done.  Sure wish Mom could be here and help, she's an expert!
11/14/03  Fri  (0311):   I must have been tired!  Came home from work Wed morning and slept most of the day after getting off the computer.  Surfaced a few times and had a hard time keeping the eyes open so I slept.....and slept......and slept!  I didn't really wake up enough to stay awake until Thursday morning, around 0500!  I guess I needed the sleep!

It was also great sleeping weather, it had rained Tuesday night and rained some more yesterday.  Good and bad, we need the rain, but with all the burned areas it will cause problems.

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11/18/03  Tues  (0146):   Today is Mickey Mouse's birthday, wonder if anything special is going on at Disneyland.  If you haven't seen the pics, Charlie and I went to Disneyland when he was out the end of October.

My horoscope:  'Remember: One tiddles one's winks, not vice versa. Winking one's tiddles would be crude, and is illegal in some states.'

I was on 3East Sat night, 3east is the overflow, when the other 4 sections are too full they open is, so that means we're pretty full when that floor is open.  Worked with Sandi, the nurse I oriented one night, the one who's been a nurse for 22+ years and I thought it was funny that I, with much less experience, was orienting her.  She's okay to work with, doesn't seem to work as hard as some of the others, she likes to sit at the desk a lot and sometimes doesn't seem to do as much as she could, or should.

We started with 3 pts each and she got a post-op close to midnight, I was lucky, had 3 the entire night and they weren't too bad.  One of them had a lot of visitors at the beginning, milling around in the hall, noisy, and asking for a lot of stuff.  One of her adult visitors was playing with one of our wheelchairs, rolling in & out of an empty room.  I was about to go into another room, saw him, stopped and said "that is not a toy!"  Then the pt in the room next to hers complained about the noise so I passed that on, told them to either stay in the pt's room, or hold their discussions out in the area in front of the elevators.  The noise level dropped considerably after that!

The pt who complained asked what was wrong with the pt.  I told her I was unable to discuss other pts with her.  She wanted to know if it was serious or not.  I told her previously there was an ethical issue talking about other pts, we just didn't do it, now it's also illegal as there's a federal law.  She nodded her head and said, "it's serious then."  I told her again I would not discuss other pts with her, just as I would not discuss her with other pts.  I guess she had caused all sorts of problems the previous night, was difficult to deal with and kind of bizarre.  I was lucky, she slept both nights that I had her.

Kate called me Sun, asking if I could come in at 1500, I'd had less than 3 hours of sleep, but said okay.  I spent the first 4 hours of my shift up on 4east, then went to 3east to finish.  Had the same 3 pts, plus one more who was great.  Unfortunately it was a nice, quiet night.  I was finished with my charting around 0300.  I say unfortunately because when it's quiet there's nothing to keep you going and active.  I was having a hard time, very sleepy!  I went in because I was greedy, this is my last full check and the extra 8 hours (double-time for the 4 hrs) will be appreciated.  Also got my bonus check; last year was around $100, this year got $600.  It's based on time worked & salary, that's why there was such a big difference.  I'd be interested to know how much people got who've worked there for years and make more than I do.

Sandi and I were quick in taping report and we were out of there at 0715, I was home by 0730.  Checked e-mail, then died.  I was tired!

I'd sent Mom an email Sun morning about possible move dates, then she called.  Was talking to a couple of people at work about this, laughed & told them I was a spoiled little brat, my Mommy was going to come out & help me pack!  She's going to come out Thanksgiving and starting Friday spend about 3 days helping me pack stuff up.  She's the expert, after moving so many times with Dad being in the Air Force.  Then she's going to drive back home, Dad will fly out and drive the truck back.  She has the unloading set up for the 5th, I need to call Starving Students tomorrow to set up loading on the 3rd.  I've been to their website and already sent in the info, I'll call later today.  So it's real, I'm really moving and will be out of here 12/3.  I'm going to try to get some done before she comes, so she doesn't have to work too hard, but now I don't feel so overwhelmed.

Also, by getting out of here the 3rd, I won't have to pay rent.  The latest you can pay is the 5th, if she (landlord) is sticky about it, I'll pay $75.  It figures out to be $25 a day so that will cover the 3 days I'll still be here.  Also have to get things set up to be turned off.  I was going to make lists on my Palm at work Sun, but couldn't concentrate enough.  If I sat still too long the eyes kept closing.

I put up a funny picture of Dog at Fotolog and got a lot of comments, you should check it out
here.  Also, one of the pics I put up of palm trees reflected in a building on Hollywood Blvd. was "metalized" by one of the other "floggers" and it's pretty cool, you can see it here

Helen met a guy on-line thru E-harmony and went out to Texas to see him, to Wolfe City.  I checked on-line, it's Northeast of Dallas and has a population of about 1500.  She spent 8 days there and they went all over Dallas & Ft. Worth.  He's coming to see her the end of Jan, then they're going to Disneyworld in Florida, then on a cruise, I think to the Bahamas.  She asked if you could get married in the Bahamas, I told her the ship's captain could marry them.  Seems kind of fast to me, but you never know.  If things work out she'll move to Texas.  He has money, she wouldn't have to work.  Told her she'd be closer to me now!

Time to go sleep some more, have a busy day tomorrow as I have lots of little things to do.

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