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11/18/03  Tues  (1859):   Change in plans.  I called Starving Students to set up a load date, got to talking with the guy and they do everything.  They'll bring the truck and equipment, load it, drive it to AZ and unload it.  By the time you factor in Dad's airline tickets, load & unload fees, truck rental, dolly rental, etc, it was going to be the same or even cheaper so I decided to let them do it all.  The only thing I hesitated on at first was I don't get an exact date for pick-up and delivery.  There will be a 3-4 day window, they call the day before and then tell me when they'll get there.  Then I decided it was okay, it's not as if I have to be at work on a certain date, I have time and it will be taken care of the during the first week of December.  So I'll have time to get things unpacked and ready for Christmas.

Mom is still coming out Thanksgiving, I work the night before but will come home & take a nap then go to H&G's for turkey dinner.  I went by NC Times today and got 3 end rolls, it's the same paper that they print newspapers on, but without the ink.  That way the ink won't rub off on whatever you're packing.  Also picked up some smaller boxes at WalMart to pack the small breakable knickknacks in, the ones I'm going to take in the car.  Called around and Salvation Army will be by tomorrow to pick up the wall unit, sleeper sofa, and dining room table.  I don't want to move them and want different stuff and it will give me more room to stack boxes.

Also, Mom is gonna take the kids back with her, that way I'll have one less thing to deal with.  I'll miss them, though!

Sent the power of attorney and money order for apt rental to Mom and Dad today, to be delivered tomorrow.  That way she can get the keys to the apt and we'll be ready to move on in.  She's going to get the electricity and phone connected before I get there.  Of course one of the other main things I
have to get connected once things are unloaded is the cable!  Also, if the phone is connected before I get there I can call Mindspring and see if they have DSL there and set up a date to get that connected.  I'm really going to be bummed if it's not available and I have to go back to dial-up!
11/22/03  Sat  (0751):   If you couldn't tell by all the programs on TV the past few days, today is the anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

My horoscope:  'Your window of opportunity is rapidly closing! Don't worry too much, though - the screen door of possibility is still ajar.'

I worked on 3east Wed/Thurs and it certainly wasn't as nice as Sat/Sun!  Wed was okay, I had 4 pts and there was room for an admit so the other nurse got it.  Had a registry nurse come in at 2300 and she'd only been there once or twice so I had a lot of questions to answer and extra work in helping her.  Managed to keep one of my pts from pulling our his IV, he'd done it twice during the day.  Was forgetful and would get up and walk away from the pump.  Spent a lot of time with one who was getting chemotherapy.  She was had a lot of nausea & vomiting and at one point her temp was 103.6 and worked to get it down.  Called the doctor twice on her and he was very nice about the 2nd call at midnight.

The hosp called while I was sleeping on Thurs, they wanted someone to come in at 1500.  I was barely awake and decided to go back to sleep, didn't want to do what I'd done Sunday, work 16 hours with less than 3 hours of sleep!  I'm glad I didn't do it!!  Jess was working with me and she had an orientee, plus one of Palomar's students was supposed to be with her.  They ended up putting her with me, which I really didn't want, but said okay.  I guess it worked out okay, the pt I gave her was the one from the night before who was forgetful and he was a handful!  He pulled out his IV and wouldn't let another be placed.  He kept pulling off his monitor.  At one point he got so unmanageable that I had to call a Dr. Strong on him, he hit Jess!

I called the family about 0200 and the son came in to try and help with the guy.  We never did get an IV back in him.  Jess helped the student with him as I was busy with an admit and my chemo lady again.  I was having problems with one of my pts who was wanting to go AMA (leave the hospital Against Medical Advice).  She was young (21) and I think there was the issue of control, she wanted to control what was going on at the same time her Mom and doctors were trying to "control" everything.  I called her Mom and she came back for a while, but the Mom was strange about it.  Made faces to me when I told her what had been going on, don't think the family dynamics are too good, no father at home and the Mom had a boyfriend who came in to go home with her.  The pt wouldn't let us start another IV on her.  Darell came in at 2300 so we could get more admits so I gave her to him.

Luckily the admit I got was someone I've admitted before and she was stable, up until the aide got her weight in the morning and her heart rate suddenly started dropping, all the way to 37.  I'd left the pacer pads on her when I admitted her and thought I was going to have to hook her up, but she bounced right back up to the 70's and her vital signs were fine.  All in all it was a busy, icky night!

I'd rescheduled the Salvation Army pick-up to Friday, I was very tired Wed morning, had to work that night and wouldn't be able to sleep until they came, but they can't give you a definite time.  They showed up at 1130 yesterday and took the wall unit, sleeper sofa and dining table.  One of the guys was a cat person and was quite taken with Fiona.  And why not!  Now the apt looks very empty, but I have a lot more space to stack boxes!  The wall unit had been in place for years and there sure were a lot of spider webs behind it!  And what was strange was when they moved the sleeper sofa the rug underneath was all faded, which is weird as it sat there for years too and no light got under it.  No problem, they replace the carpet when people move anyway, and as I've been here for ages the carpet
definitely needs to be replaced!!

So now it's back to work, pack, pack, pack!
12/2/03  Tues  (1525):   Thought I'd bring everyone up to date.  My last night of work was the 26th.  We had a potluck and stuffed ourselves!  Jess and Sandy gave me some nice gifts.  It was strange when I left, knowing the next time I went in the door I wouldn't be an employee.  I still have to clean my locker out!

Mom drove out Thanksgiving day and I went up to H&G's later that afternoon.  We had a yummy dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, cranberry salad, rolls, and a choice of pumpkin or home-made apple pie for desert.  I was stuffed again!

Friday morning Mom came over and we began the herculean task of packing up my junk, ummm....valuable belongings!  Mom parked in the kitchen and I kind of wandered around the living room, sorting thru stuff.  She almost got the kitchen done the frist day.  Saturday she was back and finished the kitchen.  Then it was into the bedroom.  I have a large walk-in closet and it was full!  That took up the rest of Saturday.  I also made lots of trips up & down the stairs taking stuff to the dumpster.  Decided I didn't want to make so many trips to Goodwill.  I did take a whole lot of books and dumped them in the outside return bin of the Oceanside library, they can decided if they want them or not. 

There was a bunch of other stuff in the closet I wanted to get rid of, but didn't want to haul it away myself.  I knocked on the door next to me, a couple of college guys live there.  Offered $50 for them to make a couple of trips to the dumpster with some heavy boxes.  They said sure!  So Mom was very surprised when she came back Sunday and the over-filled closet was much emptier.  We did a lot more Sunday and after she left I loaded up the rest of the clothes I didn't want and took them down the street to the AmVets drop-off bin.  Even though it was 2100 there were a couple of guys there to take the bags.  I also gave a coffee table, end table, and small chest of drawers to the guys next door, they said sure they'd take them, it was their first apt.  Then yesterday I had a bunch of trash bags outside my door and knocked on theirs to offer them a corner unit that matched the coffee table and end table and asked if they wanted it.  When they said yes I asked if they could do me a favor and help me with the bags, they did.

That was a great help, my legs and arms were tired from toting stuff down stairs.  Sunday I took a break, left Mom to slave away, and met Kathi, Rachael, Brooke, and Misty at Claim Jumper's for lunch.  Once I get settled in AZ I'll have pics up on the webpage.  When we were done Kathi came over and Rachael and I loaded the encyclopaedias and the bookcase they fit in into Kathi's van.  So that got rid of a bunch of stuff, and weight!  My payment will be based on weight so the more I can get rid of the less I'll pay.

Mom was back yesterday and it was basically odds and ends to do.  I still have a lot of stuff to dump that I don't want.  The dumpster is full now so have to wait until tomorrow when it's emptied to finished getting rid of stuff.  Mom left this morning, I took the cats up to H&G's and she took them back with her, along with my pictures off the walls.  I priced a mirror box and one was $12.50, I would need several so Mom said she's take them in the trunk. 

So the kids are gone and I miss them, the apt
really seems empty without them!  I wonder what they're thinking.  Some strange person comes over and there is all this activity, their home is getting re-arranged and emptied out, then they get stuff into a cage and hauled off to AZ.  They should have fun in their new home, more room to run around.  Vladimir will probably hide, of course, and Fiona will be checking things out.

I was going to empty out the back of the car, but decided to leave the stuff there.  I'll just have to pay the movers to move it.  I'll clean it out in AZ.  I have room in the back seat for the computer & monitor, my overnight case and rolling suitcase can fit in the front.

I still haven't received the call telling me when they're coming, probably today as I think my spread was Mon-Wed and I received a "courtesy" call yesterday to verify info.  So I figure I'll have movers here tomorrow.  Everything will be in the living/dining area and I can throw the remainded of trash stuff in the bedroom so I can tote it out after they leave.  Obviously I won't be leaving for AZ the day they load up, I need to clean things around here.  Doesn't matter if I'm not there, Mom has the keys, the movers have their home number and my cell as contact numbers to call when they're ready to deliver.

It was a great way to get rid of stuff and as Mom says, I'll probably get to the other end and as I'm unpacking wonder why I brought it and get rid of more stuff.  I also get to go shopping!  I need a nice recliner, sofa, coffee table, dining table, and mattress for Granny's bed.  I get her bedroom set.  It's too big for all of it to fit in my bedroom, but I have a 2nd bedroom where I can put the rest of it.

1653 - Mom just called, she made it home okay and the kids are okay.  They're pretty good in the car, not like Missy who used to yowl all the way!  Fiona did let out a couple of meows and startled Mom the first time, but they were nice & quiet otherwise.  I miss them already.  The apt is too empty!  And I came home with a hamburger and there were no little faces asking for bites :(   Also, nobody to sleep with me tonight!
12/3/03  Wed  (2032):   Well, this will be the last time that I access this page from California....movers will be here at 1000 tomorrow morning.  I'm worn out today, finished taking stuff down to the dumpster, up & down the stairs numerous times.  I think I've thrown away a whole apt!  When I went down one time some guy was digging thru the dumpster & pulling out stuff I'd thrown out, he lives in the complex as he had the clicker to open the gate; oh well, if he can use it so much the better.  He'd opened some of the trash bags to find stuff.  Should be a surprise if he went back after I took the catbox down!

I'm going to set my alarm for 0700 so I can get up and disconnect the computer, I'll put it in the bedroom until I'm ready to leave then it goes in the car.  I need to pull the desk away from the wall and clean off the dust-bunnies I know are living behind it, they don't need to go to Arizona!

Mom was a
GREAT help, I wouldn't have been ready to go this week without her.  Part of my problem was I was sick the few days before Thanksgiving and just couldn't do anything.  If I didn't know she was coming I would have had to put the movers off until next week and would have been spending all this week packing everything.  And I know I wouldn't have done as good a job as she has!

Now it will be more work at the other end to get it all unpacked & put away.  She doesn't know it, but I think I'm going to have her put the kitchen stuff away.  She's a great organizer!  (hint, hint Mom!)
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