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12/17/03  Wed  (1248):   Well, here I am in Arizona, in my new apt.  It's a very nice apt, even though the kitchen cabinet space is almost non-existent!  The movers delivered everything last Monday, after a frantic dash from my parent's house to here as they never called the day before but as they were on the freeway, on their way! 

Looking around at all the stuff set around, some boxes not opened, I still have a lot to do.  Need to get a dining room table and couch - already bought the most important items - two TVs!  A nice big one for the living room with its matching stand and one for the 2nd bedroom, where the computer is.  I was hooked up to cable yesterday and it's cool, you can watch different channels in each room.  I can get a third remote for the bedroom, but I think I might not put a TV in there.  Two is enough for one person, right??  Also changed my e-mail and went cable, they say it's a dedicated line, I'm the only one on it so don't have to worry about it slowing down because tons of people are on it.

Mom has been working hard, trying to organize my kitchen.  I ended up getting an over-the-door hanging shelf unit for more storage, and I have a couple of plastic organizers on wheels, in the laundry room, which is right off the kitchen.  If I didn't have it I wouldn't have room for dishes in the cabinet!  She said the next time I saw any kitchen/cooking item and thought it would be nice to have, tell myself no!  I have everything I need, and then some.

Mom took the cats from Calif and they'd been staying at her place, I brought them here yesterday, said I needed my kitties!  They checked things out, as usual I have an entourage whenever I go to the bathroom.  They tend to follow me around wherever I go, this apt is bigger so more room to roam.  I also let them out on the balcony, Vladimir walked right to the rail and laid down, checking out the sights; had to encourage Fiona and she did her little mewls and chittering as she checked things out.  Now she's more quiet, although Vladimir seems to think everytime the sliding door is opened he gets to go outside!  Told them they were no longer beach kitties, now they're desert kitties!

Once I get everything put away and things set how I want it, this will be a really nice apt.  It's 2 miles from the hospital, the 101 loop is just down the road (that's the only drawback, freeway noise, although I've already become more used to it), CostCo, Arrowhead mall, and tons of other stores & eateries down the street on Bell.  And a 24hr WalMart Supercenter!  I've already been there a few times, the best time was 0630 Monday morning!  It's just a straight shot down the freeway, 2nd exit.

Mom will be back Friday to finish up the kitchen, then we're going furniture shopping.  Well, at least looking.  I've got ideas in my head what I want for table, couch, end-table, and daybed for the 2nd bedroom.  We'll see if I can find them.
12/17/03  Wed  (1755):   Well, I just spent $200 on my cat!  I took Vladimir to the vet, he didn't look that good, seemed skinnier than usual, had a goopy eye and other things just didn't seem good.  Part of it was my fault, he's supposed to get half a pill twice a day for the thyroid, I didn't think a few days would hurt to go without, but it turned into 2 weeks.  Vet thought he was dehydrated, they gave him subQ water, blood tests, antibiotic injection.  I have an ointment to put in his eye 3 times a day (HA! that's gonna be fun!) and continue the pills.  I'd given him a whole one last night and went back to the half this morning.  Luckily, except for the thyroid, she said the blood tests were okay, liver enzymes were up a little, but could be attributed to stress and the thyroid.  So I will be a good mommy and keep giving him his pills and start the eye ointment.

He was a good boy, basically, even rubbed on the tech's arm; but she said he hissed at her when she gave the subQ water, I don't blame him!
12/28/03  Sun  (0846):   Talk about extremes!  In the summer it gets to over 100 degrees, this morning there was ice on car windshields!  I was watching someone scrape their windshield wipers over the ice, of course with no effect.  I wanted to go out & tell them that wasn't going to do any good, it needed to be scraped off.  I should have gone out with my camera and taken a picture of the ice around the puddles left from the rain a couple of nights ago, but it was too cold!

Went furniture shopping with Mom and found a nice dining room table, it has what they call a butterfly leaf.  Instead of having to take a leaf out of the table & store it somewhere, it's connected to the table, flips up and unfolds from underneath.  I got seat cushions that match the pillows I bought for the couch I'll get eventually.  Discovered I can't tie the little strings!  Turned around and Fiona was chewing on one!  So I'll just leave them tucked uner the cushion until I have guests for dinner, then I'll tie them.

I did find a couch I like, a loveseat really, but a big one.  Unfortunately it's $567.  The salesman was talking & said if I applied for a credit account with them he'd knock off "half."  Told him I didn't have a job yet, he said didn't matter, just apply, if I wasn't approved he'd still do it.  Mom and I got all excited, I definitely would have paid $283 for it.  Turns out he meant if I bought the couch (8 feet long) he'd let me have the loveseat at half-price.  Told him I didn't need that much furniture, then he said he'd give it to me at the sale price, $100 less.  $467 is better, but still a little expensive.  I really like it, though, so I think I'll go back Mon or Tues with $400 cash and see what happens.

Vladimir is better, following me around, getting in my lap; in fact, I woke up this morning with both cats sleeping on me.  Fiona is having fun, rip-roaring back and forth thru the apt.  I hope it doesn't sound like an elephant to the people downstairs!

I spent Christmas with Mom and Dad, very nice day outside.  We had a late afternoon Christmas dinner that was heavenly!   Mmmmm, Mom's dressing had to be the 2nd best I've ever had.  What's this, you ask, calling your Mom's dressing
2nd best!  I'm sure she'd agree, Granny's was the best I've ever had!  (her Mom)  As usual I ate waaaaay to much, but just couldn't help myself, it was too good!

Oh, I need to back up.  The day before Christmas I'd gone over to Mom & Dad's and on the way home stopped at Albertson's to get some more $1.99 12-packs of Dr. Pepper.  As I made the right turn into the parking lot I heard a clunk come from the right front of the car, then again when I turned left and rolled into a parking place.  I got out and checked the right front tire, there was a blue & white thin nylon rope seeming to come from the tire.  I pulled it off and noticed more.  Whipped out the cell phone and called Dad, asked him if tires had blue & white nylon in them, he said some do.  Told him then my tire was falling apart.

He charged up his air compressor as I haven't checked my spare in years (I know, bad girl!) and came down.  Turns out it wasn't the tire, well part of it was.  My right front tire was so worn that the steel belt was starting to show thru on the inside.  It had snagged the nylon rope and it flipped up and wrapped itself around my axle several times.  The clunking I heard was when the back tire ran over the rope, breaking it & pulling on the axle.  I had a pocket knife (always keep it in my purse) and he cut the rope free.  After a test drive around the parking lot, turning right & left, listening for clunks, I was ready to go.  As I drove around I saw more of the rope, apparently I was trailing a lot of it!

So that meant I didn't want to drive the car Christmas day, Dad picked me up and took me home.  See, I knew I moved here for a reason!  It was nice to be able to call "Daddy!"

He showed me a quick way to S&S Tires and I was there 0730 Friday morning and got new ones.  Saturday morning I was back for a front-end alignment.  Also asked them to check the front boot to make sure the rope hadn't damaged it.  As I was waiting for the car to be done, the guy calls out "Barbara, you have a phone call."  I asked him if it was a male, when he said yes I told him it was my Dad, calling to make sure I asked to have the boot checked.  Well, I was half- right!  His first words were, "I just figured out how I can get some coffee!"  He was out of his favorite mix coffee and as I was heading out their way after the alignment he asked me to stop for some.  He did ask if I'd had them check the boot.

Came home, squeezed some fresh OJ with my juicer for Mom & Dad and headed out there.  Had some yummy turkey sandwiches on fresh-baked bread, mmmmmmmmmmmmm!  Dinner was more Christmas food, just as good the 2nd time around!  About 2130 decided it was time to go home, Mom sent some turkey and a couple of slices of the home-made bread, guess what I'm having for lunch!

I called Sandy (monitor tech) and chatted for a while last night, she said they need help, come on in to work!  Told her it would take me 6 hrs to get there, she said they'd wait!  Didn't even have a charge nurse that night.  Believe it or not, I miss work.  I've been off for 4 1/2 weeks, have another 2 weeks before I go in for orientation.  it's about time, I've been spending, spending, spending!  Need to get some cash flow in instead of out!

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12/31/02  Wed  (0725):   Well, things have changed.  I was thinking about the temporary employment.  Sure, it's great for a lot of extra money, but I sat down & figured out I'd be getting almost $10,000 extra without any taxes taken out.  Plus, there's no health insurance, I'd have to pay for that myself. That means a big chunk of it would be going for taxes and Ins.  I was talking to Rita, the recruiter at Boswell, and she said if my goal was to hire on after the 9 months, why not start now and take advantage of the benefits. 

I had an appointment with her and two managers yesterday, and of course I was hired.  I guess I have to weigh in the benefits of health & dental Ins as I'll be making about $5 less an hour.  Plus, there is no double-time for anything over the 12 hours a day, after 40 hours in a pay period it's time & a half.  They do have incentive shifts, you can get extra money by signing up ahead of the day they need help, if you come in the day they need someone the incentive money is less.  So I may throw in an extra day every two weeks, just to make up some of the difference.

I'll be working on the new unit they just opened, 5D.  It's a telemetry unit, with cardiac and medical telemetry pts, just what i've been doing.  Unfortunately the charting is paper, and they say a lot of it.  I'll have 5 pts instead of 4, but there are two aides at night.  What's cool is you also carry a little mobile telemetry unit that will show you your pt's rhythm wherever you are.  So when you're in the room you can check the rhythm without having to run back out to the station & look at the monitor.  No monitor tech, we're responsible.  It looks like the same system Tri-City recently installed so at least I'll be familiar with looking stuff up on the monitor.

They also have an on-site RN to BSN program, but it starts this Feb so I'm going to wait until the next time, I figure I'll have enough to do getting used to the place without throwing in school too.  Oh, I get a $2,000 relocation bonus and a $3,000 sign-on bonus, half of each to be paid with my 2nd check ($2,500) and the rest after 6 months.

I have my physical next Tuesday, then back to Human Resources to finish paperwork and hospital orientation is the 12th &13th.  I'll work 1-2 days that week, then they'll shift me over to nights (which is what I want) the following week.  I'll be working with someone and they said it's up to me to say, "ok, I'm ready, cut me loose!"  The manager for 5D is new so Steve, one of the other managers, sat in on the interview.  Kim was funny, she had the paper with questions on it, looked at it, at me, then Steve and said, "why am I asking these questions, she's hired isn't she!" 

After that Mom and I went looking at furniture, I ended up getting the couch I wanted, it was the 3rd time I'd been to the store.  Mom surprised me, bought me a bedroom set!  It's a queen-size bed, headboard, footboard, nightstand, and chest.  I didn't want the dresser and I figure one nightstand is enough.  Except, now that I look at things I have, I may go back for the 2nd nightstand as I have no place to put my new jewelry box (that's still in the shipping carton, never been opened), the chest may be too high.  We'll see.

We had lunch at Claim Jumper, I was craving the parmesan-garlic onion rings and grilled ham & cheese sandwich.  Mmmmm, pretty tasty!

This morning I have an appt at State Farm to change my Insurance to here, then the furniture will be delivered this afternoon so that means I need to empty out the bedroom and clear out the wall in the living room where the couch will go when I get back.
1/13/04  Tues  (2338):   I know, I know, I've been very bad!  I haven't written anything since last year!  I promise to catch everyone up, probably tomorrow night.
2/2/04  Mon  (0942): Okay, okay, so I lied, I didn't come back & write!  Sorry.  Have no excuse.  And I guess this is a teaser as I'm not going to write anything today either.  I do have things to catch up on, but as I work tonight, shouldn't spend hours on the computer and I have a lot of updating to do; not only here, but everywhere else on this site.  So be patient a little longer.  :)
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