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All in all it was a pretty good night! 

And now I finally get 3 days off in a row, yay!  Yeah, yeah, I know - it's all my fault that I only had a day here and a day there the past couple of weeks; the paycheck will sure look nice!
7/2/02  (0051): Can you believe it's July already!  I can't believe how fast the time has flown over the past three years - ever since I started nursing school the months have been screaming by!  Prior to that, time seemed to just crawl on its belly over sucking mud-flats!  I can't believe it's almost a year since I started working as a nurse!

The other night at Brooke's I almost ran for cover!  Did you see Jurassic Park III??  Remember the sound of the satellite phone?  Well, there I was in the kitchen reaching for munchies when suddenly I heard the sound of that phone.  Screeeeeccchhh!  Dinosaur in the house!  Hahahahah, it was one of the cell phones.  Someone else had the Star Wars theme.  That's my only complaint with Sprint, no big choice of ringer songs! 

I went to one of my favorite places and helped Mom & Dad's stock tonight, was over at WalMart checking out stuff.  I was gonna go with Paige, but was sleeping when she got off work.  We're WalMart buddies!  Oh well, time to see if I can sleep this night, gonna go traipsing about the Fair tomorrow.
7/4/02  (0300): Happy Fourth of July!  To read the Declaration of Independence, go here.   And way at the bottom, under the State of Georgia, you will see the name George Walton - he is an ancestor of our family, on Dad's side.  To put on your own fireworks show click here, the faster you click around in the box the better the show!

I went to the Del Mar Fair, excuse me - San Diego County Fair - yesterday, well, I guess it was two days ago by now!  Anyway, admission that day was free for kids under 12 so I "borrowed" Tina (Fariba's daughter) and off we went.  If you haven't looked at some of the pics from our day, go to the main page when you're done here and check them out.

It was pretty good.  We had to park out in the south 40, but took the tram up to the gate.  We had our choice of a side gate or the main gate and knowing the animals were thru the side gate we got off at "Graceland Gate."  The theme of the Fair this year was "Elvis"  Have no idea why they chose that as the theme.

Anyway strolled thru the barns, saw the goats, wabbits, cattle, and pigs.  Big pigs are not cute!  After enough aroma we headed on over to the the main drag.  Of course the next thing we did was gobble dowm some corndogs and slurp up some thirst-quenching lemonade.  Ahhhh, heaven.

Tina was really great, she was patient as I strolled thru the buildings selling everything under the sun.  She picked up something for her Mom and Dad.  I got a cool shirt, kind of lavender with Australian symbols across the chest, it was dreamwalking from Australia. 

We spent some time in the games area and rode some rides.  There weren't that many that we could go on together, the ones we wanted would have flipped everything out and it would have been too hard to hang on to the stuff we were collecting.  For example, one of my most favorite rides is the Zipper, but since there were only two of us there was no one else to hold the cameras, prizes, bags, etc.  At least I'd thought ahead and took a zippered carryall so we could stuff things in it.

It was a fun day, I took more pictures than I have up on the site.  Tina, again, was
very patient, I had both cameras with me and would take one with the digital, then with the point & shoot (gotta get those pics for scrapbooking!)  I got the pictures back that I'd uploaded to WalMart and I was not 100% happy with the quality, and they cut off part of the picture so I won't be doing that unless I'm really desparate and want a hard copy of a certain picture. So Mom, looks like I'll be wagging along both cameras on our road trip!

Took Tina home and was invited for Pizza - yeah!  Fariba and I went off to CostCo to get some stuff and that's where she was gonna get the pizza.  I had a coupon for $10 off a flash card for a digital camera.  What a deal!  The extra one I got from Canon when I first got my camera cost me $90 for an 8MB card.  The one at CostCo is $55 and with the coupon, $45 and it's a 128MB flash card.  I had no idea how many pictures I could take with that size card, I mainly got it because I wanted extra space for the upcoming trip.  I have the 2 I got from Canon (8MB) configured to hold 50 pictures each, so that would have been 100 pictures total over 2 weeks I could take.

I was shocked!  With a 128MB flash card I can take over 800 pictures!  I think I'm covered now, don't you.  At least now I don't have to worry about which pictures to take and I won't have to review them immediately to delete ones I don't like.  This way I can just click away and check them out when I come home & download them on the computer.

Was back over at Fariba's Wed night, this had been planned as she was making spaghetti.  She makes it differently than we do but it's scrumptious and I love it!  My next favorite thing she makes is some sort of rice dish that, believe it or not, has cinnamon in it - that one is absolutely fantastic!  It must be harder to make as I've only had it once in the 3 years I've know her.  Hey Fariba - make it again!!!!!!

I was wondering, as I was driving down the freeway, why aren't we ever satisfied?  When the speed limit was 55 we'd drive 60-65; now the speed limit is 65 and we drive 70-75.
7/7/02  (0350): A bit of trivia for today, this weekend the earth will be farther away from the sun than any other time during the year.  If you remember your high school science, the Earth travels in an elliptical orbit and one loop of the ellipse is closer to the sun than the other and right now we're at the far end.  If you think our summers are hot, imagine how hot they'd be if we were at the close end of the ellipse during the summer months!  (continued next page....)
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