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Sorry these aren't a little bigger, but you get the idea of what my little part of the world looks like.  These are from around the County.  Eventually I'll get out and take more of my specific area.
(FYI - I didn't take any of the small "thumbnail" pictures between the page dividers)
Borrego Springs
San Diego Bay, Marina
Palm Trees/Skyscraper
Spring in the desert at Borrego Springs
San Diego Marina
Missoin San Diego
Anza (desert)
Downtown San Diego
Navy Ship
Anza desert
San Diego Mission, the first in a long line up through the State
Star of India
Navy ship in San Diego Bay
San Diego
San Diego
San Diego
Different views of downtown San Diego
Star of India
Coronado Bay Bridge
Coronado Bay Bridge
Sea World
Fishing Boats
Carlsbad Flower Fields
San Diego Bay
Fishing boats in San Diego Harbor
Sea World
La Jolla
Carlsbad flower fields
Another view of San Diego & a marina
Cliffs off of La Jolla
View from H&G's
This is the view from my Grandparent's house, looking West.  You can just barely make out the ocean.  It's really not that far away, about 10 minutes.
Looking north
So here I am back at the beach!  The pier that was in the previous pictures is in the background.  The people at the left are enjoying Buccaneer Beach.
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