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2/5/03  Wed  (1359): Snicker, snicker, teehee, teehee.............if I start my sentence "guess where I am right now" you might have an idea, as I usually start that way when I'm at "da beach!"  Jake and Liz are in Nawlins (that's New Orleans for you other people) and Sammy needed someone with whom to play!  I worked the past two nights and I've not slept yet today so I think I'm gonna go take a nap, let the sounds of the waves lull me into dreamland :)
2/6/03  Thurs  (0640):   Today is Reggae Day, my favorite kind of music, ya mon!  It's also Pay A Compliment Day, so don't hesitate to do so.

Hmmm, what happened this day in 1788???? Massachusetts was admitted to the Union; 6th of original 13 states to ratify Constitution.  The first U.S. treaty signed was with France.  France was the first to recognize U.S. independence.  Britain declared war on France.

My horoscope:  'Today you will invent a new type of automated squid sorter for use by professional squid fishermen. You will call it the Squid Pro Quo. That will be a mistake.'

I worked Monday & Tuesday, on 3East again.  Monday I was with Marge (LVN) and a MedSurg nurse was floated over from the Pavilion.  I was the only one with ACLS certification (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and at least 2/3 of the pts were bradycardic!  I was standing there saying (sort of like "I'm king of the hill") "hey, I"m the boss of the floor" when MaryAnn walked around the corner (charge nurse), she just laughed.  Actually, I was responsible for what happened as Marge was the LVN and the other RN was a MedSurg nurse.

We had ordered Dominos and I was standing there eating the last buffalo chicken kicker piece when the monitor started its triple dinging - that means it thinks something bad is happening.  Looked over and my patient was asystole, flat-line.  I threw the box and ran.  Now, when I go into a room I always reach for the patient to touch & ask "are you okay."  It happened to be her feet this time.  We scared the hell out of her!  I'm thinking I acted like a defibrilator and jump-started her heart when I startled her like that.

She was fine, her blood pressure was fine.  One of the doctors had discussed a pacemaker with her that day and she had been a little resistant to it.  Her heart rate was running in the 40's/50's, when she slept sometimes it dropped to 36, 38.  I called the cardiologist and when I told him she had a 6 second pause (count it out and imagine your heart not beating for that length of time) he said "oh wow!"  He called me back in the morning to change her breakfast order as he would be coming in to talk to her.  I explained all this to her, and this time when I said pause, I explained that "pause" meant her heart stopped for that period of time.  She was a little more receptive to a pacemake after that.  She did have it done and was there when I went back on Tuesday night.  She liked me, told me I was her favorite nurse :)

Tuesday Marge was back and the other nurse was Jenninfer, the traveler from New Hampshire.  I've worked with her before, I'll have a picture of her up after I download stuff at home.  I was glad to see her, she knows what she's doing, she's fun to work with, and she's also ACLS certified!  Nothing dramatic happend Tuesday night.  It was John's last night, the traveler from New Zealand; his next stop is Idaho.  He wanted to go to Alaska but that had fallen through.  That means since it was his last night we had a potluck - lots of food again!

Poor Jennifer had to deal with the "difficult" patient that I had the other night.  Well, everyone's had him and no one wants to take care of him.  He doesn't need hospital care but they can't find a SNF to take him; they all know about him and no one will take him.  He shouldn't be on our side of the hospital, but the Pavilion knows him and refuses to take him.  He was wanting to get in his wheelchair at 0100, told him I wouldn't call the lift team and when he demanded why not I told him he could not be tooling around the hospital at one in the morning! He didn't like that, but he was so groggy he eventually fell back to sleep.
2/6/03  Thurs  (1805):   I've been to WalMart to pick up some stuff and been home to feed & water the kids.  The cleaning people came so I thought I'd make myself scarce, get out of their way.  Today is also Carrot Festival Day, where or why I have nooooo idea!

Yesterday afternoon the doorbell rings so I go downstairs to see.  It was a young man, saying he was in a contest and needed points and he'd win $15,000.  My first thought was he was selling magazines, but he said no, I just needed to rate his personality for school.  What school, I ask, UCLA he replies.  He has no papers, clipboard, books, anything with him.  I'm now thinking he's casing the joint.  He then asks what time is it and as I didn't have my watch I told him I didn't know.  He asked "isn't there a clock anywhere around?"  Is he hoping I'll leave the door open and go look at a clock so he can sneak in, or do something to the door?  I told him no, and guessed it was around 1330, which was just about right.  He said thanks and left, not pushing the "rate my personality for school so I can win $15,000" gimmick.  Goes to show you how terrible our world has become, he could have been exactly what he said he was, a college student doing a survey; but I put the worst spin on it and think he's checking the place out.  Then I thought I was stupid for even opening the door!

So it's later that night, sometime after midnight and Sammy is prowling around the bed, goes over to the slider but suddenly stops.  That area is open to downstairs, he acts like he heard something.  He slinks around the bed towards the door to the stairs.  Oh boy, I'm thinking someone is in the house, or trying to get in.  I grab the phone by the bed, ready to punch 911.  I went over & turned on the lights for down the stairs, thinking if anyone was at the door they'd go away.  Another reason I thought this, earlier when I'd gone downstairs the motion detection light was on, at that time I'd flipped on the porch light so it wouldn't be dark around the door.  I peeked around the corner of the stairs and the motion light was on again.  Which reminds me, I'll be right back, I need to go turn the porch light on :)   Needless to say, everything was okay, but I do have a wild imagination!
2/7/03  Fri  (0021)   I meant to tell you yesterday that the 6th begins Love May Make The World Go 'Round, But Laughter Keeps Us From Getting Dizzy Week, so have fun celebrating!  Oooohhhh, February is National Single and Searching Month, that certainly describes me; except the 'searching' part, I'm not really doing much about searching at the moment :)

Today is  Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbors Day and I guess that's because it's also No Talk Day.

My horoscope:  'Today you will wake up in somebody else's body. The strangest thing about the transition will be that you'll have all the memories from the new body and none of your own from before. Despite that, you will be somehow quite certain that you've "traded down".'  Ok, my question, if I have none of the previous memories, how would I know that I had awakened in someone else's body?
2/7/03  Fri  (0808):   Tomorrow is Laugh And Get Rich Day.  Sunday is Man Day; hmmmm, don't they think every day is Man Day?

Jake had left a newspaper article for me to read.  Turns out what you're reading right now is a Blog, short for Weblog.  I was surfing around last night and ran across the term in someone's site for the first time.  It was nice to know what they meant!

I have to remember to leave Liz a note, I had to put all her make-up brushes in the drawer.  I was watching TV and my attention was caught by Sammy, he was picking something up and flipping it around, not his usual toy.  Turns out he was stealing her make-up brushes, he particularly liked the big fat brushes!

Tuesday night at work one of Jennifer's pts was on comfort care, had a lot of family in the room.  Most were downstairs getting something to eat when the two in the room asked for the nurse.  Jennifer was in another room, I went in.  They were concerned about her breathing.  I took one look and knew; how do you tell them she's not going to last much longer?  They were expecting it, she'd been placed on Hospice serivce that day, but it's always hard to let a family member go.  She was 99.  It was about 2130 when she passed and after we called all the people we were supposed to, family had said their goodbyes, and she was made ready to be taken downstairs, Jennifer mentioned she couldn't get to the window when it happened.  She says it's "just a little superstitious thing I have" but I think it's cute.  She likes to open the window to let the spirit out so it's not trapped in the room.  So I went in and opened the window.  We have enough spirits wandering around on the third floor, don't need any more!
2/7/03  Fri  (1234):   Hey, look at the time, it's 1,2,3,4 :)  I'd forgotten that Angelo's was down the street so I went down there for lunch.  Came back and was watching TV, got up to check out what the helicopter was doing, seemed to be circling out over the water.  Picked up my camera & went outside, but by this time it was headed back south.  Then I noticed something in the water - dolphins again!  I tried to get some pictures, but I've discovered that the digital doesn't "snap" the picture as soon as you push the button, as an SLR would do.  I'll download the pics when I get home and I'll put them up; I didn't get very good shots, but looks like I might have got the body of one of them.

I volunteered to get the Smallpox vaccination at work so I could take care of pts in the event of a smallpox oubreak from bioterrism.  I had the shot as a kid and I have a faint scar on my arm; I was vaccinated again in 1979, twice as a matter of fact.  I was getting all my shots before going to Saudi Arabia, free for me as I was still a dependent and got to go out to the Base Hospital.  I went back for another set of shots and they checked the smallpox one and there was no reaction so they did it again; still no reaction so they decided I had a "natural immunity" and was good to go.  Anyway, got the notification back and I'm one of 85 names they submited to the County Health Dept to get the shot. 

It's partly cloudy today and a little cooler ouside, of course that's here; no telling what it's like at home.  I'm gonna hang around and watch a couple of movies, then go home late in the afternoon, or early evening.  I have to work Sat/Sun and I like to be home when I have to go to work.

When I was out running some errands yesterday I was thinking, again, how wonderful life is at the moment :)   I have a job I love, I work with great people, I have great friends, I make lots of money and actually have a bunch in the bank now, I have a lot of free time to do as I please.  As I was coming back over here yesterday I was wondering what time it was, then decided it really didn't matter.  Isn't that great, do what you want, when you want without worrying about what time it is, excep the days you work, but that's only 3 times a week!
2/7/03  Fri  (1943):   Well, time to gather up my belongings and head on home.  I was ready to go around 1700 but didn't want to deal with the traffic on the freeway; thought I'd give it time to slow down, especially since it's Friday night and it seems to be worse than any of the other nights.  I'm going to try to get some new pictures up once I get home.  Since I didn't take a nap today I don't want to be up all night as I'm working this weekend.

I figure it's time for my luck to run out and I'll be put on 2West.  I went thru there the other night looking for a recliner for a pt's family, there was a pt yelling "nurse.......hey nursie!"  Think he would have been surprised if one of the male nurses had come in??
2/8/03  Sat  (0357):   Today is Laugh And Get Rich Day, which is good since it's also Smile Day; you can kill two birds with one stone!

My horoscope:  'Your plans to take over the world move forward to the next stage, soon, right on schedule. What you need now is a hunch-backed henchperson with pale protruding eyes. Fortunately for you, a suitible candidate will soon show up at your door, dressed as a peanut.'

I guess it's time to take the computer in for a check-up.  I tried to save some info and was told I didn't have access to the A drive, contact my system administrator, what?  It works, I accessed it via the virus checker to check the files so it's not locked up or anything like that.  Also, sometimes the Norton stuff doesn't come up right, it's off and won't turn on, tells me only the supervisor can make changes.  So I restart the computer and sometimes it's correct.  Time to get the little brain checked!

Also, the internet security blocks some of the actions when I work on my webpage, I have to turn it off to connect to it, to preview a page, and to upload stuff.  Sometimes Geocities has a burble, I guess, as even with turning off the security I can't upload pics, like tonight.  So there will be no new work, Oceanside, or Jake's Place pictures until next week.

Oh, this time upon leaving I managed not to splat myself all over the sidewalk :)  As I closed the door I was saying, "step, step, step" in my  head so I wouldn't forget!
Don't wait any longer!

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