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The Great American Road Trip Of 2002
This is to give you an idea of the ground we covered in two weeks; 12 States (counting the one we started in) & approximately 5200 miles!  I flew from San Diego to Phoenix on 8/15/02.

Fariba picked me up at home about 0530 on the 15th and the first stop was the BofA ATM just down the street to get some more cash into my pockets!

Traffic was great at that time of the morning, one of the reasons why I wanted to drive down so early, just about 35-40 minutes to the airport and I was saying goodbye to
Fariba.  She was so nice, she'd brought me a banana in case I was hungry, and I love bananas!  As she was dropping me off I saw a line of people in the skybridge (walkway over lanes of traffic) and told Fariba that the line was probably for security - I was right.
It took me about 20 minutes to get thru.  The guy behind me was mumbling something about never making his flight.  Okay, what have we been told over & over during the last few months?  "Get to the airport 2 hours early!"  So it is 0630, his flight leaves in 20-30 mins & he's just getting there????
Security checkpoint
<--  The line curved around this area to the left and stretched behind me for a ways; it was growing longer and longer as the minutes went by.  But, they were doing a good job of getting people through.
The main reason I wanted to get to the airport early was to avoid the crowds - I just hate forcing my way through throngs of people, such as those to the right :)                                           -->
Planes in San Diego
<--  I had plenty of time to kill.  Called my parents and then grandparents on the cell phone (wonderful invention!)  Then just sat back and watched the people and the planes go by.
Turning for take-off
Yipee!  I'm on the plane, we're turning and just about to head down the runway.  My favorite part of flying is take-offs & landings.  That's part of the Bay and downtown San Diego over the wing.                                                      -->
<--  After a short flight, just about 1 hour, I land in Phoenix.  America West has so many planes coming in that we're in a parking area, waiting with other America West planes to taxi to the terminal.
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