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1145 - We cross into New Mexico, temp 91 degrees.  We have a good air conditioner in this car!  I am amazed at how green New Mexico is; they've definitely had some rain recently.
New Mexico
New Mexico
1306 - Gallup, New Mexico.  We lost an hour when we crossed over into New Mexico, so we're really not poking along to get here by this hour!  We stopped here for gas.  There was another Lincoln in front of us and his license plate said 'gheezer' which was pretty funny.

1346 - Anyway we crossed the Continental Divide at this time, all the water on the west side of it manages to make its way off the west coast of the US and water to the east of it flows eastward.  I checked the map and it's not a straight line thru the mountains, it wanders around.

1510 - We stopped in Albuquerque for lunch, temp 96 degrees with a thin cloud layer overhead.  After lunch at Furr's Cafeteria (
great chess pie!) we crossed the street to fill up and the 'gheezer' car from Gallup was right in front of us!  I leaped out of the car & told him, "Hey, you were in front of us in Gallup!"  Turns out they were heading to Wichita Falls (where we were going after Amarillo) to pick up a dog and take him back to California.

1815 - Crossed into Texas, 91 degrees.  There used to be a stone 'Texas' welcoming people to Texas once you crossed the border, but it's gone.  As Mom said, I guess they're not welcoming people anymore, maybe Texas is too full!  We also lost another hour, we're now on Central time.
Great sunset behind us!  The easiest way to get it was to use the mirror.  I took a picture of the truck below as he has a rubber chicken hanging off the back of his truck, on the right-hand door, you can barely see it, I thought it was funny.  Then, as he drove further past us, I liked the colors of the sunset reflected off his truck.
Tx chicken
Hee hee, check out my Mom's toe ring, isn't she stylish!
toe ring
2140 - Yay, we reached Amarillo, Texas.  88 degrees.  We're staying at Day's Inn for the night, $81.  There was a line of people at the desk and by the time Mom got up to it there were only 2 rooms left, so we got the next to last room for the night!

Today is the anniversary of Elvis' death in 1977 and we're watching
Speedway on TV. 

I called Rosie, Rachael, and Paige to say hi from Amarillo, but no one was home :(
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