Take me back now! So, I go to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to visit Mom & Dad when they lived there.  What an experience.  I especially liked shopping in the souk, especially the gold souk!  Too bad I didn't get any pictures of that area!.  Looking thru I realize I don't have that many pictures of Saudi Arabia - lots of England and Germany, though.  Maybe I'll do those later.  Keep in mind these are pictures of pictures taken with a cheapie camera.  Enjoy.
Everyone associates camels with Saudi Arabia, so I'll start with these.
Not a very good picture of my Dad, but that's the Red Sea behind him.  You can see waves breaking over the reef in the distance.  You can walk out that far and the water doesn't get much deeper than your knees.

Of course, you have to avoid the sea snakes and those things that looked like someone didn't curb their dog!  (I think they were sea cucumbers)
I took this from the balcony of the apt.  Don't remember what he was selling, but it seems a hard way to make a living.  It was the middle of the summer.  (only about 120 degrees at times!)
Are we cat people or what!  Chang was shipped all the way from Texas to Saudi Arabia, then back home again.  Check out that wallpaper!
I took this from the back of the Blazer as we were going down the street.  The windows had a film over them so they didn't see me when I took it.  Remember, it's blazing HOT & they have to wear all that dark covering.
Just an old fort in the middle of the desert.  Below is Dad's Blazer.
There were some girls herding these goats, out in the middle of nowhere.
More pictures of the Red Sea - it's not really red, is it :)
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