Go There Now! Next page please! Go to Page   2 3 4 5 6         It looks like at least once a month we'll be getting together to do scrapbooking stuff. I thought I'd put in a separate page for this, showing some of the pages that are done - much better than I can do!
Great pages!
Misty, Brooke's sister, went to Boston (remember, one of my MOST favorite places to go!)  Anyway, this is her scrapbooking on the Salem Witch Museum.

If you've looked at my Boston pics, the one in the upper left corner will look familiar :)
(all of the scrapbooking pages pictured on this page were done by Misty!)
Strawberry Fields Forever!
Red Sox
"Strawberry Fields Forever"
Oh my!
Polar Bears
I prefer Dr. Pepper!
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