Take me home now! Show me more! Sonya graduated with us and after a few months moved with her husband and son to Pennsylvania.  It was great to see her, although the reason she was back in town was a sad one, her father was operated on for lung cancer.  She was pregnant when she left and delivered her daughter, Brielle in August, 2002.  We had a late baby shower for her on 10/19/02 at Rachael's.
<--  Sonya
Rachael & Brielle
Rachael & Brielle
Yay, Kathi made it also  --> 
Jordan & sonya
Jordan is helping Sonya open her presents
Jordan & Montie
Montie helping Jordan get a piece of cake :)  -->
Carolyn & Sonya
<--  Carolyn & Sonya, sizzlin'!
Montie  -->
Carolyn, Montie, Sonya
<--  Carolyn, Montie, sonya
Kathi & Brielle
Kathi with Brielle  -->

Hey Kathi, we'll be throwing you one of these soon.  But when you least expect it!  And Brielle says you're gonna have a girl  :) nyah,  nyah, nyah!
Rachael with Brielle
Rachael wtih Brielle
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