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This is Jennifer; she's a traveler from New Hampshire.  She's fun to work with!
Is this work?
(7-9-03) This is Adonis (with Barbie to the right), he's one of our night Lift Team guys.  He's a great help when you need it!  -->
<--  Ann & Barbie; Ann was the "event director" at the potluck - she did a great job.  (7-9-03)
Barbie, above & to the left.  On the left she's eating a chocolate-covered strawberry.  She moved, but I like the blurry, gives it action.             (7-9-03)
L -> R:  Kay; Ann; MaryAnn; Mari; Diane
L -> R:  Myra; Ann; MaryAnn; Kay; Diane   (7-9-03)
Lots of food, and there's more to the right, just out of the picture.  (7-9-03)
<-- Maryann opening her presents; Diane to the right   (7-9-03)
MaryAnn & Myra  -->
<--  Sandy, doing the same thing I am!   (7-9-03)
Sandy & Kay (our great Monitor Techs) -->
<--  Pt rhythms.  Too bad I didn't take this earlier; my pt (2nd down on left) had a heart rate of 37)    (7-9-03)
7/9/03, Jess' first day as an "RN"
Charlene on the right
11/26/04 - my last night at work.

L -> R
Myra, Liz, Sandy, Jill (front), me
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