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<--   These are the patient monitors, they are watched 24 hours a day for any rhythm changes on a patient.  We (nurses) get to read the strips that are printed out and they get put in the chart. (Feb 03, we have new monitors, need to get new pics!)
Chandrani at the monitors
Do you think she wants me to go away?  This is Marci, she graduated from Palomar also, I believe the semester before I did.                       -->
<--   Hmm, this looked like a great picture when I reviewed it on the camera, but I don't think this does Cris justice!  I'll have to get another one.  She also graduated from Palomar the semester before I did
Chandrani & Gail
Chandrani on the left, Gail on the right.  Change of shift report between two charge nurses.   Now we have Myra as a set Charge nurse, and soon to have Lee, he's moving from days.

Chandrani works nights, but throws in a day or two, don't know how she does it!  Gail (and Cris above) moved downstairs to ICU, but work additional nights with us

Chandrani, in front of the monitors.  She was trying to get report from one of the nurses and watch the monitors, and I there I was, wanting a picture!
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