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For some reason people don't want their pictures taken!  Can't blame them, neither do I :)   From left to right, Anne, Mari, Liz.  Liz graduated from Palomar the semester after I did.  She and Helene were hired on this floor from that class.      -->
<--   Lisa is an ACT (stands for Advanced Care Technician), kind of a super-CNA!  She's trained especially for our section of the hospital and can do things other CNAs in other parts of the hospital can't.  I like working with her!
Whoa Nellie!  She & I just spent 2 nights on 4East, we were BUSY, but I enjoy working with her!  -->
<--   It's Helene!  She graduated from Palomar the Semester after I did, another fun nurse!  She's a great co-worker, she's not afraid to jump right in and help someone else.
Here's Betty!  She's one of the secretaries, tons of stuff to do, which she does very well.  We keep her very busy!  (she left, she actually left us!  She went downstairs to be ICU's secretary!)             -->
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