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Liz, also a Palomar graduate!  We had a busy couple of nights on 2East!
Toni!  She graduated from Palomar the semester after I did. She came over from the Pavillion for some cake!
Another monitor Wizard, Chris!  This was taken after 16 hours in front of the monitors - he came in at 3am Sunday morning!
Jing, she is SOOOOOO nice!  It was just her & I with 10 patients.  I had a couple that were having something done just about every couple of hours.  Without even asking or saying anything, she jumped right in and helped me - that's how to be a good nurse!
Those flourescent lights at work play havoc with my pics at times!  This is Larry, isn't he cute!  He gets there bright & early, about 4am, and does the EKG on patients, come to the room.  He always has a smile!
Capable, celebrated, clever, Carmen!  She covered a long time too, came in at 0700 and went home 0100 the night we were short!
10/17/02 - Skills lab time!  Every year we have to do hands-on testing & written testing to make sure we know what we're doing!
Save her!
What do we do???
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