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This is Janet, the student for whom I was a back-up preceptor.  Ron was the primary one.            (Dec '02)     
Janet again :)
Workin' hard!
Warren & Kathie, trying to work!     -->
Still trying to work!
<--  Kathie   (Dec '02)
Eat, drink, and be merry!
2002 Holiday Party
Lots of yummy munchies to chow down on!  That's Wendy, offering up a toast  -->
<--   Look, even at a party she's working, working, working - that's Marcy :)
Serious stuff!
Now what do you suppose they're discussing??????   Charity & Kate   -->
Party time!
<--  Del & Miriam, having fun
Posing pretty
Lorna and Cher were posing for someone else & I snuck in and snapped!  -->
Checking things out
<--   Lorna, Cher, Del, debating the finer points of digital photography
Smilin' girls!
Tish in the background and Wendy holding the newest addition to Tricia's family.                                   -->
Cutie pie!
<--  Miriam and the little cutie!
The Bosses!
Wendy, Adele, Tricia - The Bosses!  -->
Pass it here!
<--   Ornament exchange - it can get pretty intense when you start "stealing" other people's ornaments!  (L -> R: Lorna, Del, Miriam, Kate, Linda)
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