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My Mom & Dad
Dad in his Air Force Uniform
On the farm in Claude, Texas - Mom's horse
Don't think I'm too happy with that bird sitting up there!
<--  Easter Sunday; me and my Uncle Charlie.  I remember this.  It was so sunny & bright out and Granny kept yelling at us to keep our eyes open - we couldn't!
In Mom's album I believe she's titled this one "house ape."  Appropriate, don't ya think!  Hey, I just realized - this is a picture of me topless!!
Luckily all animals get tired eventually!
Daddy & his little girl  :)  Look at that baby face, and I don't mean mine!
Me and my Granny
"Writing" a letter to Daddy
Dad reads the paper, so I must do it too!
You can do just about anything with a little help from Mommy!
This is in Calif, the girl on the left is Suzi Buckmaster.
My Mom, 6th grade I believe
Mom, with some of her friends, at the farm in Texas
More friends & Mom
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