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Hunter to the right and Weston below, Meagan's kids!
Charlie, Heather, Alyssa
<--  Uncle Charlie, cousin Heather and 2nd cousin Alyssa; Alyssa is also pictured below
Meagan & Heather
<--  My cousins, Meagan & Heather; and they're sisters.
The next pictures will be of family at Christmas, 2002 (Vista, California)
Playing cards
My grandparents, Honey & Grampa, playing cards while waiting for Mom, Dad & Dog to arrive.
The Land Yacht
Yay!  They've arrived  -->
Strollin' along
<--  Of course you gotta stretch the legs & let the doggie check things out once you arrive.
Grampa, sittin' & chattin'  --->
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