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Isn't he a cutie!  --->
<--  My Grampa!  (Dad's Dad)
Taking a break
My Grandma  (Dad's Mom)  -->
<--  Dog, waiting for scraps from Honey :)
Helping paws
He's also right there to help her!
Such a sweetie
He's saying, "please, please give me a treat!"  -->
Sad doggie
<--  then lies down to waste away when you say no :(
Whew!  Opening all those presents can tire you out!  -->
Deep discussion
<--  Intense discussion of something!  My Mommy & Daddy :)
House on the hill
<--  Afternoon sunshine
Nice looking turkey - tasted as good as it looks!  -->
Tails a-waggin'
<--  He's so excited about possibly getting a bite his tail is moving too fast for the camera!
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