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The Camel Toe Report
Think about it....before you click!  (know the toe!) New pics every Mon.
Good info
Texas Highways Mag.
Kristi's Traveling Nurse Home Page
Great homepage, go Kristi go!
Post your own pictures; view pics from other people around the world; make friends; have fun!
Urban Legend Reference Page
Need to verify whether that e-mail is a hoax or not, this is the place to check!
State info and other "stuff"
Think you know word origins?  This game will take you down a peg or two!
Another photo community; post your own pictures and have fun.
State info and other "stuff"
Texas Monthly
A great place to find that perfect signature for any e-mail.
Great photos!  Just about 20 million categories & just as many pictures. You can even submit your own & get feedback!
Movie MIstakes
Amazing compilation of mistakes seen in movies.  Makes you want to run out & rent one to watch for the errors!
Official Website of the British Monarchy
Just about everything you ever wanted to know!
Year Of Death Calculator
Just 10 questions.  See how long you're gonna be around!
Kim Komando
Computer tips up the ying-yang!  Sign up for her weekly newsletter.
The Phrase Finder
Ever wonder just where that saying or phrase came from?  Now you can find out.
Be sure to check out the YetiCam, the world's first online cryptozoological experience!
The Texas Humor Page
The Candy Warehouse
Candy from your childhood and now!
Hilarious!  A must-see!  (remember, I'm from Texas)
On-Line PDR.  Want to know something about that medication you're taking?  Check it out here.
Pets or Food
Too hard to explain in just a few words.  A site not to be missed!  While you're there, read the "about us" section and also check out "Click Monkeys."
How Stuff Works
Have questions about how anything works, or why it does what it does?  Check out this great site.
Eric Conveys an Emotion
Another fun site to check out - you can even submit an "emotion" for his consideration.
Fun Trivia
Even more fun!  Thousands of quizzes from which to choose; it even keeps track of how you're doing & your rating.  Highly recommended!  I've even submitted quizzes to this site :)
DVD Easter Eggs
Tells you about hidden features in your DVD's.  You'd never know they were there without this site.
Cool Quiz
Fun place to go for trivia, puzzles, humor, quizzes, etc.  While away an afternoon and you might even learn something!
Movie Poopers
This site is intended as a resource to "poop" or spoil the endings to classic, near-classic, recent, and new movies.  Just pick a movie from the list on the left and see what all the fuss was about!
Tour Egypt
Good articles & info on travel in Egypt (you do know I was an Egyptian princess in my former life)
The Institute of Egyptian Art & Archeology
Home page of the University of Memphis Institute of Egyptian Art & Archeology.
English is really mangled in parts of the world.  This site will have you in pain - from laughing so hard!
Amusing accidental bloopers or mistakes that weren't caught, and make their way to the public via movies, books, TV, or speeches.
World City Photo Archive
Look at photos of cities/towns around the world.  Some pretty impressive pics can be found here.  Wonder why Oceanside isn't there!
Public Records Database
Amazing what can be uncovered!  Too much info to put here, you have to check it out.
Tudor History
Interesting site to read about the Tudors, plus links to other sites.
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