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We are the first nursing class to graduate from Palomar College in the 21st Century
We had a 100% pass rate on the California State Nursing Boards!
Kathi:   Picture   Kathi is a clinical nurse I in the Neuro unit.  She lives and works in Escondido 7p-7a.  She's newly engaged and has 3.5 kids (figure that one out!).  She has two cats at home.  She says her dream job would be a day shift 7-3:30 :)   Her favorite restaurant is The Olive Garden and her favorite place to visit is Cancun.  She chases away any hints of boredom by getting lost in a good book.   (updated 11/23/02)
Amelia:   Amy B. is an oncology RN who lives in Fallbrook but works in La Jolla 7a-7p.  She's single; no children, unless you can count her standard black Poodle "Belle"  :)  She says her dream job would be a "Professional Disneyland Guest"  :)  Her favorite restaurant is La Caseta.  Amy feels the best place to be is home with family.  When she's bored she likes to curl up with a good book.  She'd like everyone to know "I'll be leaving soon to become a travel nurse, first stop... Lebanon, New Hampshire, Brrrrr!  Take care, and be healthy!!"   (updated 11/23/02)
Barbara:   Picture   I am an RN in Telemetry/Intermediate Care.  I live and work in Oceanside, 7p-7a which is my favorite time to be up and around.  I'm single, never been married :)  No kids, except for my two, four-legged ones, Vladimir &  Fiona.  I think my dream job would be as a private nurse to a nice, world-traveling billionaire.  My favorite restaurant is any that serves great Mexican food.  My favorite place to visit is New England, England runs a very close second.  It's hard to pinpoint my most favorite activity but I too love a good book; movies and playing on the computer are also great things to do in my leisure time.  If you haven't figured it out by now, this is my website!  I hope you like it - please sign my guestbook!   (updated 11/23/02)
Fariba:   Picture   She is a telemetry/Intermediate Care RN, at times she is the Charge nurse.  She lives in Carlsbad/LaCosta area and works in Escondido 7p-7a.  She is married and has a daughter named Tina (whom I steal when I want to do "kiddie" stuff!).  No pets at home, although Tina keeps trying :)   Any day I'm hoping to hear the good news of "I'm expecting!"    (updated 11/23/02)
Rachael:   Picture   Rachael is a NICU nurse (Neonatal Intensive Care), currently training to be a cardiac specialist.  She lives in San Marcos and works in Kearny Mesa, nights.  She's single at this time (happily divorced!).  She has a son named Jordan, who's as cute as can be :)  "the best 5 1/2 year old in the world!  He just started Kindergarten in August, and is of course, the smartest in his class."  They have one dog, a Jack Russell Terrier named Scruffy Tanoodle Spot.  Her dream job:  "I'm doing it!  I would like to be an ALS nurse for the NICU (they are the ones who do the transports between hospitals, they get to work pretty independently, put in central ines, intubate, etc..."  She doesn't have a favorite restaurant "I love food in general, I'll eat pretty much anywhere; but I do love a good seafood restaurant!"  Best place to visit:CANCUN BABY!!!!!!  What do you do when you're bored:"Call Bacon and Brooke and Rosie and Barbie and see if they want to go to Mi Fiesta for lunch."  You can see pictures of Rachael & Jordan in my "Friends" section.   (updated 2/7/03)
Rosie:   Picture   She holds your life in her hands - she works in the ICU (intensive care unit)
Brooke:   Picture   Brooke works with the happiest patients, new mothers, in Mother-Baby 7a-7p.  She lives in Ramona.  She is married and has two adorable children, Miranda and Colton.
Nancy:   Picture   She's your first line of defense, she works in the Emergency Room.  Nancy lives and works in Escondido. 
Sylvia:   She works as a Med-Surg/Dialysis nurse in Oceanside 11p-7a
Ralph:   The nursing student I preceptored says she ran into Ralph during her oncology rotation in Escondido.
Aimee:   She left us!  She moved back East and in the meantime had a baby too!
Renata:   She's married too.
Amy M:   She lives in Del Mar and works in ohh-la-la La Jolla on the day-shift.  She's also a telemetry nurse.  She's married and has no children.  Her two cats, Sophie and Cleo fill that spot right now :)  She hasn't decided what her dream job would be, but in the interim she's thinking of making a change to either ICU or ER.  Her favorite restuarant is Wahoo's.  She doesn't have one particular favorite place to visit, she loves traveling everywhere!  When she's bored she grabs a magazine and dives right in.   (updated 11/23/02)
Caron:   Rock-a-bye-baby.  Works in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  She's married and has one child.
Carli:   Picture  
Kat:   Checkin' out your insides, she works in surgery.  Kat is married.
Sonya:   Picture   Another who abandoned us :(   She's married and lives in Pennsylvania.  She has a son Taylor, and a brand-new daughter Brielle.  You can see pictures of her and Brielle in the "Archives" section, or just click here to check them out.   (updated 11/23/02)
Laura:   Straight to the heart - works in Cardiac/Transplants.  She's married & has a daughter.
Kim:   Needs to know a lot!  Works in Med-Surg
Jolene:   Compassionate care; works in Med/Oncology.  She got married after graduating.
Lisa:   Picture   Double-Duty!  Works in a level 1 trauma ER and in a PACU/pain clinic as a PACU RN
Yolli:   Picture   Sleep tight, she'll care for you thru the night.  Works in Med/Surg in Oceanside 11p-7a; she'll be getting chemo certified soon.  She's married and has a couple of cute kids!
Mindy:   Picture   Mindy lives in Menifee and works in Loma Linda in Acute Pediatrics, she says it's lots of fun!  She's gotten married since graduation and they bought a new house!  No kids yet, just having loads of fun!   (updated 12/9/02))
HONORARY CLASS MEMBERS (also graduated 2001)
Montie:   Picture   Multi-tasking!  Currently working as a liaison between the ER and Med/Surg putting floor time in both to help the continuity of care of a patient from door to the floor.  Involves committees, in-services, and outside departments.  He's single and has no children.   (updated 11/23/02)
Randy:   Picture   Another with your life in his hands!  Works at St. Mary's in Apple Valley, in the ICU.  He's also married :)
Julie:   Picture
Carolyn:   Picture   She works in a SNF (skilled nursing facility).  Carolyn is single and has one son.
Laura Abdulhadi
Debbie Bennett
Kathy Clyne
Judy C.
Judy E. 
Picture   DNSc, MS, BSN.  I guess you'd say she works any & all shifts as she's a nursing instructor and the work doesn't stop once the students go home!  She is married and says "the smartest decision I ever made in my life was to marry AJ 26 years ago!"  They have no children, but she feels she gets 10-12 new "kids" every semester.  Her dream job, she's in it; she loves nursing & loves teaching and feels she's been lucky enough to "fall" into the right jobs for her.  Her favorite place to eat is any beer and pizza place, with AJ.  Best place to visit is family in Kansas and the Mid-West.  When asked what she does when she's bored she replied, "am I suppose to have time for that?  I read benign murder mysteries in my spare time, but I don't know that I'm ever bored."  She has a fun sense of humor too, one of my requests for info asked for pics of kids, hubby, boyfriends, lovers, etc; her reply, "AJ would be upset if I put out any pictures of my boyfriends ... so I'll have to say 'none'."  All in all, she states "I like my life ... what can I say ... I've been very lucky!"   (updated 12/10/02)
Karen McGurk
Marilee Nebelsick-Tagg
Patricia Schmidt
Irene Stiller
Patricia Worret
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