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If You Want Your Ship To Come In, You Must Build A Dock
1.    Become an RN, oh wait, that was on my 'old' list.  I became an RN July, 2001 !!
2.    Immerse myself in the wonders of an Explorer cruise to Antarctica
3.    Go kayaking in Alaska thru an iceberg-strewn inlet
4.    Learn Latin, e tu Brutus?
5.    Float through the sunset in a hot-air balloon
6.    Scream thru whitewater while rafting down the Colorado River
7.    Appreciate Wolfgang more, learn to play the flute
8.    Avoid bears while hiking the Appalachian Trail with a friend or two
9.    Soar the thermals on a hang-glider
10.  Try & become travel-weary; see the US/World as a Travel Nurse, yeah!
11.  Paint a masterpiece in a watercolor painting class
12.  Hear the whirrr of my reel while trout fishing in Alaska (again)
13.  Snorkle on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, without seeing Jaws!
14.  Ride every major rollercoaster in the United States, wheeeeee!
15.  Try not to melt during a Gamble family reunion in Texas
16.  Soar like a bird, learn to fly a plane; try not to land like a gooney bird!
17.  Feel the thunderous force of Niagara Falls, and its mist in my face
18.  Take a cruise on a clipper ship (sailing ship), yar matey!
19.  Photograph the different colors of Yellowstone's thermal pools/geysers
20.  Lounge like Cleopatra on the ship's deck as I cruise up the Nile
21.  Hear the wind across the savannah on an African safari
22.  Make like Ginger, learn ballroom dancing
23.  Meet my Zimmerman relatives in Montana,
in Montana
24.  Enjoy the leisurely pace of the South Pacific, Tahiti, Fiji, Bora Bora
25.  Go to Iran with Fariba
26.  Write the great American novel
27.  Marvel at the scale of Mt. Rushmore & Crazy Horse  (Done 8/26/02)
28.  Feel the stones at Machu Pichu
29.  Stand at the canyon mouth and admire stone-carved Petra
30.  Meet Harrison Ford (yeah Baby!)
31.  Get lost in the Smithsonian
32.  Collect every leaf color in New England in the Fall (again and again!)
33.  Go to Las Vegas with Rosie, Rachael, Fariba, Kathi, Brooke, Montie
34.  Learn a foreign language, como esta usted?
35.  Feel the G's in an Air Force fighter jet
36.  Marry the one great love of my life (once I find him!)
37.  Be daring and get a tattoo
38.  Search for a parking place in Washington, D.C.
39.  Climb the steps of a Mayan pyramid in Tikal
40.  Take pictures of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower
41.  Spin prayer wheels in Nepal after surviving the Annapurna Trek
42.  Stroll along the Great Wall of China with my own PUH
43.  Feel as light as a cork, bob around in the Dead Sea
44.  Descend into the depths of the Atlantic and explore the Titantic
45.  Go with the ebb & flow of the crowd during Oktoberfest in Germany
46.  Count the different colors of blue in Crater Lake, Oregon
Hot Air Balloons
Colossus-6 Flags Magic Mountain
Niagara Falls
Morning Glory pool at Yellowstone
Pyramids at Giza
Petra, Jordan
Temple II at Tikal, Guatamala
Eiffel Tower
Harrison Ford ! Prayer wheels in Nepal
Machu Pichu in Peru
Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire
Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota
Crater Lake, Oregon
Don't wait any longer!
Home James!

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